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Foie Gras Report: Blue Hour--People with Entitlement Issues

Animal Defense League and community friends have their challenges set out for them. Not only do the owners of this "upscale" or as I like to say "bougie" restaurant, want to keep their delicacy of despair on the menu, lots of customers feel it is their corporate-given RIGHT to an evening of uninterrupted cocktails and meat!
Protesters, who are out in the public space, protesting Blue Hour restaurant, which sells foie gras, one of the most brutally produced animal "foods" ever invented by sick power hungry people, were assaulted last Friday by angry diners. These rich people feel entitled to a perfect evening out in public, uninterrupted by the truth, because, after all, they have the money to pay for it! One such disgruntle person, who later called my cell phone with an unsavory message, "Renny," actually walked off of the patio onto the sidewalk where protesters were chanting and harassed a young woman by standing a half inch from her body with a very alpha-male intimidating posture. His number, recorded by my cell phone is 503-853-2141, in case anyone wants to give him a call. According to his message, he just ate some FG and it was delicious. This drunken asshole was trying to intimidate a female protester, because it was his "right" to do so. He was relentless and followed her after she tried to move away from him. He thought, since it is public space he could use his male body as a device of power. His face was close enough to hers that they could have kissed--YUK YUK YUK--The protester asked him to move away from him because his creepiness was becoming bodily harassment--we got all of this on video camera--soon to be made public!!!

He continued to exhibit this disgusting behavior for quite a while. Then a couple of male protesters intervened and he still got in their faces with his drunken holier-than-thou bodily behavior for again, quite a while.

All throughout the night people on Blue Hour's patio were shouting pornographic slurs to the foie gras protesters, who made it very clear they were protesting Blue Hour, not them. Several different patrons of Blue Hour asked female protesters if they swallowed! This creative pornographic question was in response to the chant "forced fed ducks, foie gras sucks." Other patrons yelled sexual slogans to protesters for a good sustained half hour--that is commitment!

Blue Hours patrons on the patio, reacted in various ways. Some went inside for their upper class food stuffs. Some verbally rebelled and yelled at protesters to get laid, get a girlfriend, get a job, get a life, and various sexual comments. Some laughed. Some threw water, a pizza crust, and last but not least, a LIT CIGARETTE butt! Some, tried using their cars in the valet zone to intimidate protesters by aiming for them with their penis mobiles (oops, I mean sports cars and SUVs). Some asked protesters to not protest so loudly with the attitude that they have a right to a "peaceful" evening out.

Some customers at Blue Hour, asked us to try and protest differently, because this style of sign holding and street chanting does not work (for their entitled dining experience of ignorant perfection)! We informed them about our educational outreach, letter writing, video showing, and dialogue attempts with the owners. Anyway, what do you expect at a place where one can see fake tans, designer clothing, lots of fake boobs, and botox? They want things their way!

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