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Ungar Furs Weekly Report

A core group of humane protesters and their animal loving friends stood by their compassionate beliefs again this past week in front of the den of death! every Saturday form 11 am until 1 pm, when the shop closes for the day! We bond as people, we support the radical cheerleaders, we educate the public, we make friends, we want a world without oppression. One Struggle, one Fight--human freedom (from being slave holders), animal rights (no more slavery).
If you feel strongly against one of the worst forms of institutionalized animal violence, "the fur industry," join a welcoming group of individuals who make a public appearance doing what they believe is the ethical and moral choice--protesting Ungar Furs. It would be great if more people made Ungar Furs part of their weekly routine in a show of solidarity against animal cruelty.

Animals tortured and killed violently for vanity is a campaign we can impact because we are out their educating the public and potential fur customers. As most of you may know, you may even be a consumer who is lied to about your clothing, as items listed below $150 can be mislabelled or fur altogether may be omitted form the tag! We need consumer vigilance and a wake up call on active compassion. Let us show the PEOPLE of Portland, we will not allow this systematic form of animal cruelty under our noses.

So, join the people with the awesome "40 Dead Animals = One Fur Coat" banner and let us show our compassion in a public space, because this type of showing really can influence people to make ethical and caring choices.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org