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Jake Ferguson Gets Off

Jake gets NO TIME for destroying people's lives (and committing more arsons than any other GS defendant.
June 3, 2008 10:50 am, Eugene, OR USA
Jacob Ferguson appeared with his attorney, Ed Spinney; feds= Kirk Engdall, US atty, Detectives Harvey and Comery, EPD. Judge Ann Aiken presiding.

Jake (JF hereinafter) had the weird hair again covering up his pentagram tatoo on his forehead. He wore black pants and sweater, white collared shirt, was quite large (someone in the audience remarked he looked like a fat lesbian from the side view we all had of him). He arrived early using a back entrance and left through same. Retired FBI agent Ferreira was present in the audience--he was JFs handler during all of the recordings, etc.

Feds went first--Engdall:
Final sentencing in operatation backfire investigation involving multiple arsons from 1995-2001, over 20 arsons on private and public buldings by ALF/ELF and over $40M in loss. Over 10 years of "investigation", over 15 conspirators, 3 fugitives. JF active partiicpant in conpiracy and arsons (yah--like THE initiator of them, trainer, recruiter, device maker, etc.-notetaker comment). Only through the coooperation of JF was the "wall of silence destroyed." WHILE working for feds, no cash paid to him (failed to mention if he was paid before or after...).

In 2004 JF selected as informant by feds b/c he was struggling to get his life together, heroin addiction, dad in prison, son of his own, ...moving to a more mature lifestyle. X;{ June 2004 made multiple and complete statements to feds. Assisted in finding suspects, crime scenes, gather evidence and provided details of arsons. 12/7/05 when arrests made, JF was present in VA at time of Stanislouse's arrest. Wore body wires for recording purposes. After being publicly outed as informant, feds claim threats were made to him. Whenever or wherever the feds asked him to do something, he would assist them.
Called this case "the largest domestic terrorist case in the U.S." (crap)
this is an 11(c)(1)(c) plea resolution (meaning everyone is bound to the deal) and the 1995 sentencing guidelines apply (unlike all the other defendants). He pled to 1 arson and an attempted arson (apparently the other dozen or so were dismissed) which is a level 20 on the sentencing guidelines, gave him 3 levels down for acceptance of responsibility and another 12 levels down for substantial assistance to the feds=level 5 which carries a 0-6 month sentence, they recommend the low end--ZERO months in prison

Ed Spinney was quite verbose in attempting to say his peace on behalf of JF. He thanked the feds for their courtesies.
Said JFs story started in 1996 Warner Creek protests, he was also involved in FNB and was accepted by the community throughout the NW. After Warner, he and Josephine Overraker, his girlfriend at the time went to native american land where the seeds of future actions were planted. Incendiary devices were discussed, created and practiced. Thought he had accomplished good against the bad guys--govt clearcutting, etc. He was 23 at the time, he's 35 now--he "struckout" at what he felt was bad or wrong. Had 5 yrs of planning, practicing and executing arsons he was involved with--and the list is quite long. Second romania fire changed his life--he wasn't involved in it but felt he was left as a suspect in the case by others that were involved. Became "sick" to the community b/c of heat law enforcement was focusing on him. He began seeing investigators and feds where there were none, etc. 2002 subpoenaed to grand jury for Romania II. Lied to FBI and gave them ammo to use against him down the road, didn't appear before the gj because he agreed to voluntarily meet w/ the feds to avoid the appearance (legal note: if he had simply remained silent and asserted 5th amm defenses they would not have questioned him in front of the jury bc the wouldn't want to give immunity to a suspect, and if he hadn't voluntarily given them info or lies, he might not have ended up in this predicament). This experience left him afraid of being caught, tormented and thought FBI around every corner, afraid of everything and everyone.

JF then goes to New Orleans for a couple of years, claims this is where he became a heroin addict??? Came back to Eugene and got into a methadone rpogram. Feds make offer to him to cooperate, made decision to snitch. Reason: if feds find out what he had done, he believed/was told he was facing double or triple life sentences. Father was in jail most of his life and didn't want to be in jail all his life for his son. Spinney then gratuitously mentions that Jennifer Woodruff, the mother of his child was not involved in any way with arson and was unaware of the actions or his decision to snitch. She has been subjected to her own penalties by having a kid with ferguson. People suggested that she not allow her kid to have contact w/ ferguson, she put the kid first and let him co-parent (??) (FN: It became public during Green Scare sentencings that Ferguson brought this kid to an arson and had him wait in the getaway car b/c he couldn't find a babysitter).

JF now believes that all of his actions were a bad idea and it was very lucky that he was not killed or killed someone else. Spinney ridiculously states that JF knew that sooner or later they'd want to start killing people, vivisectors, etc. (In his strange mind perhaps). He just wanted to put it behind him and move on--his cooperation has affected his life. He won't do any jail time, but what he has is not unlike a life sentence--friends and community not accessible to him any longer. Now gets up at 6am goes to work, comes home at 5 alone unless he has a kid event. Claims windows in JFs home were vandalized and that there have been threats on indymedia against him. Claims that a well known local activist walked up to JFs son and said 'you must be really proud of your dad.' He can't coach kidsports b/c he's an arsonist and they don't like that kind of thing. Wants to mentor 20-25 y.o. kids on not destroying things, stop them from following his path. A significant part of the community will be angry with him for what he has done. They see the gov't as wrong, when it's really the property damage that was wrong. Spinney mentions that over 6 years he's represented JF, methodone was like heroin in that JF would nod out during FBI interrogations, but he's intelligent and has a good memory....good and useful snitch descriptions.... JF and his co-conspirators took their actions voluntarily, so the fact that JF accepted responsibility for his actions meant they had to too.!!!

Ferguson statement to Aiken:
He's had a lot of time to think and has major apologies he'd like to say--victims affected by sabotage and arson and blatant disregard for their belongings. Leads different life now, hard to believe I though actions would help the cause. He thought he was safe in doing just property destruction but thinks it was just a matter of time before someone hurt or killed, just lucky (Note: 20 plus years and counting lucky in terms of no harm to life). He could've been caught or injured on his first fire, but just lucky. Some think property destruction is ok, if anyone listens to me and my experience it completely has no benefit and hurt strong activist communities by having us come in at night and destroy their community work and left to deal with it and what came next. We were boosting my/our egos. He then went on a bizarre trip where he says it all starts with vandalism, moves to breaking windows, burning cars, buildings etc. The he sais I was trying to elevate things, maybe strap explosives to myself and go to a cafe--that's how the thinking goes...(in his warped head maybe...the rest of the world knows the diff btwn graffiti and suicide bombing!!!) When you're a young angry person it's easy to throw molitav cocktails at a cop car, live fast die young attitude--wants to change kids caught up in this.

He then apologized to his family, members of the group or "the family" (his special name for people he sends to prison), he never thought he'd be sending people he loved and cared about to prison. He hopes someday they'll understand what he did is good, b/c of pain , fear and remorse he was holding onto. He'd like to believe everyone got off better then if they'd go to trial, "wants to correspond with his codefendants and help them out with the healing process if he can." Completely stupid, learn from it, accept my apology.

She agreed to this sentence a long time ago as it was a joint recommendation of counsel. Everyone worried about the next episode, fear based politics with fire. Forgiveness, accountability, your burden for the rest of your life is to pay back society. Choices and hope, tranformational work. Only courageous people make change with peace and support of all human beings. Discusses the book 3 cups of tea (as had in previous sentencings) and mentions she met the author and people who change the world. mentions "Cooked: My journey from the streets to the stove" by Chef Jeff. Even though the community will not speak to you, they will understand. I hope your son gets to read your story, that you stood up and told the truth.. His son will come to see that he is a hero. Now he must teach his son to be good. Quotes Winston Churchill from 1910 (I left for this part so i'm relying on other notes). She gives him the deal--no prison, 5 years of probation where he must give up his DNA, no contact with AR or envtl activists or activism, no credit, employment subject to approval, and makes him pay a $200 conviction fee.

Then he asks to have contact with Stan because Stan is in the best position to help JF become accepted by his community again. There were no objections from the prosecution and Aiken thought that it would be a fine idea.


No 03.Jun.2008 22:36


"Jake Ferguson gets off."

No, I don't think so. Getting out of a jail sentence is not the same as getting off. He will have to live with what he has done. He will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. He will never be free.

what the fuck? 04.Jun.2008 10:47


"someone in the audience remarked he looked like a fat lesbian from the side view we all had of him."

why the fuck was this included in the article? it's insulting on countless levels, and adds nothing to the account. complete bullshit.

Jacob wishes he were a fat lesbian 04.Jun.2008 23:56

gotta love the good guys?

Thanks for sharing that incredibly immature comment about Jacob. It let's me know a bit of how "the community" operates so I can steer clear!

Stanislouse is going to help Jake be accepted into his community? 05.Jun.2008 14:31


What community could Stan help Jake with? The community of snitches? I guess Stan, Lacey, Jen, Chelsea, Darren, Suzanne, Kendall, Kevin, Frank Ambrose, Lauren Wiener, Anna, etc. might want him in their community. What a joke.

It is incomprehensible that ANYONE would call Jake a hero. But the judge seems to think he is. I understand she would appreciate snitches for what they do - but Jake- a hero? He took his young son to an arson for f sakes. He has no redeeming qualities. How has he turned his life around? By taking methedone? Becoming a mechanic? Bullshit. If Jake believed his own BS he would have offered to pay restitution.

If the government really believes that these crimes are crimes of terrorism, how can they let a guy who committed over 20 of these crimes be allowed to walk free? Makes me think they don't believe their own B.S.. Some of the non-cooperating defendants really showed they were contributing positively to society - but she slammed the hammer down, didn't take that into account and sent them off to prison - for a long time. One of them saved lives as an EMT and firefighter. Another helped battered women. And they did all this because they are good people - not because they got into trouble - they had done all this before they got caught.

Jake a hero - I don't know how ANYONE could say that without it getting caught in their throat.

what community? 05.Jun.2008 18:05

jay dead

Jacob was evil. Everyone was surviving.

It's pretty hilarious that your list of "snitches" are all people in prison, the exact community where Jacob isn't going. and the so-called community from which they are being shunned will have had a thousand percent turnover by the time half of them get out of prison. It will have dissolved, most people gotten jobs, started families or just burned out in ten years.

But let's not forget that all these people that Jacob tape-recorded burned shit down and then blabbed about it. Including the pedestalized Daniel, Johnathan, Sadie and Exile.

Leave his poor kid, and the lesbians for that matter, out of it.

Wrong jay-dead 05.Jun.2008 22:09


You say that Daniel, Jonathan, Sadie and Exile blabbed. Huh? Well, Daniel did, but not Jonathan, Sadie nor Exile. Sadie and Exile were never tape recorded by Jake. Jonathan was - be he NEVER said anything about doing illegal actions or "blabbed". Get your facts straight.

Sounds like you kinda have a soft spot for Jake and seem bitter about those who wouldn't sell out their friends....

And the list of snitches are not all in prison....you think it is hilarious? The point is - why would the Judge or Jake think that Stan could get Jake back into "his community". What does that mean? What is "his community"? Stan is in prison pretty much segregated from everyone except FBI and prosecutors. You have totally missed the point in your defense of Jake and, sounds like, the snitches.