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Monkeywrench Cafe' Benefit- THIS SATURDAY!

The seventh in a series of Monkeywrench Cafe's to Benefit PDX Cascadia Earth First! Saturday, June 7th, 7-10p
Monkeywrench Cafe Flyer
Monkeywrench Cafe Flyer
Monkeywrench Cafe' Benefit

Monkey Puzzle Manor
5529 N. Vancouver (Vancouver & Killingsworth)
Donations requested, no one turned away (will trade food and entry for help)

This is going to be the seventh of a series of secret cafes- an evening in
the company of Earth Firest!ers of all generations, a gala of storytelling
and fine vegan dining, as a benefit for PDX Cascadia Earth First!

These have been really amazing, inspiring, and lots of fun! Being more than
just a benefit, this has created a real space for inter-generational, cross-
movement experiences, in a low-stress, pro-fun environment.

If you'd like to help out by gathering food, organizing set up/take down, cooking,
serving, flyering, etc., please contact  cascadia_ef@riseup.net