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KPOJ and the big Lie

Progressive station-no!
Cocktail Liberals?
Cocktail Liberals?
June 3, 2008, 9:10 AM

KPOJ and Sen. Wyden lied to the people of Portland. There is no GI bill coming to the House of Representatives this week. There is a supplemental that will carry the occupation/genocide of Iraq through next year.

I have been boycotting the morning show on KPOJ ever since they did an O'Reilly/Limbaugh job on Heidi Tauber, but I do listen to the Mike Malloy show at night and sometimes forget to turn the volume off. I am awakened in the morning by Carl and Paul telling us over and over how progressive they are--they are cocktail liberals, not progressives.

Back to the GI bill they were talking about, what is coming back to the House is a bill cooked up by Pelosi and Reid to fund the war past the November elections. There are amendments that include GI benefits but for our soldiers to get those benefits the rape of Iraq must continue for another year---this is what the democrats are giving us this week in the Congress.

Carl knew about this when he was interviewing Sen. Wyden but never pointed this out. How do I know Carl knew, because I sent this e-mail to him way back in April---no response:

Wed 4/30/08 11:42 AM

this could be very bad move by the dems



Read the article and you will you see why I am calling KPOJ and Sen. Wyden liars, here is another good article that just came out describing what will happen in the following days:


Boycott the morning show until they apologize to their listeners for being part of this big lie and the way they treated Heidi.

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

questions 03.Jun.2008 12:09


I do have a question. What ever happened to Heidi Tauber?
At first I thought she was on vacation, but I notice today they have someone else who appears to have replaced her.

Thanks for everything you do Joe. And Peace to you.

what happened to heidi 03.Jun.2008 16:46

the air america boys club

Basically, she was fired. She said later "they didn't like how I read the news" or something.