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Citizens Hunger-Strike Against NW Naturalís Liquefied Natural Gas Proposal

Citizens of Oregon have begun a ten (10) day hunger-strike on the main entrance of the NW Natural Energy Company headquarters building to bring awareness to the fact that the Palomar Gas Transmission System (PGT) is a serious and intolerable threat to the ecological and social integrity of Oregon.

NW Natural and Palomar are preparing to install a massive pipeline through over 500 miles of Oregon's public and private property. This will result in devastating impacts on streams, rivers and waterways, wildlife habitat areas, wilderness, and small family farms. NW Natural is carelessly destroying these precious ecosystems for private gains. All fuel piped through the PGT system will go to supply California with liquefied natural gas. There are no direct benefits for Oregonians who are affected. As we stand on the verge of global environmental crises, NW Natural is stepping in the wrong direction.
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