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Cheryl Crist Makes it Official

Progressive Democrat Cheryl Crist filed papers for the 3rd Congressional District race today, a district that runs from Olympia to Vancouver. Her message of peace and getting the U.S. out of Iraq reflects the views of the majority of Americans.
Crist has been meeting with people in the district and has met with a very positive response. "Where ever I go, I am met by people who are glad that I am running," Crist stated. "People want a voice and they want change. The change will do us good!"

After filing, Crist made the following statement:

"I see my candidacy as a way for the majority of people to express themselves. I have drawn a clear distinction between myself and my opponent on the issue of Iraq. I want to end the occupation and ensure that the United States does not invade any other countries in the

"This foreign policy of conquest and domination creates enemies for the United States and keeps us from providing for our own people at home. The people at home deserve first rate health care, state of the art transportation, and education unequalled anywhere in the world. I represent a new direction for the 3rd District and the United States."

It is hard to unseat an incumbent. Over 95% of the Congressional incumbents win reelection. Incumbents have the advantage of using tax dollars to send out self-promotional brochures and typically can be assured of press coverage at photo ops. While Crist's opponent has already raised almost 1 million dollars, it may not be enough to overcome his flip-flopping on the Iraq occupation. He lost his anti-war credentials last August when he came out in support of the surge. Many of his supporters felt betrayed and he faced angry voters, including many who worked on his prior campaigns, at town meetings last fall.

A group of Crist's supporters gathered on the Capitol steps holding campaign signs while the candidate went inside to file with the Secretary of State's office. "I am refreshed and enlivened to have a candidate that stands for the common good," supporter Judy Linehan said of Crist.

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