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The Oregonian promoting war and littering in yards across the city

I got really tired of those "free" newspapers they kept putting in my front garden. Yet after calling three times, emailing most of their staff, and writing them a snail-mail letter, the junk papers keep coming. When will they stop this madness??
During wars of past, people made an effort to conserve resources. The complete opposite is happening now, with businesses leading the wastefulness, nonetheless. I cannot believe there are companies who can be as deliberately wasteful as The Oregonian and still stay in business. I am of course referring to the "free" newspapers they deliver multiple times a week, called "Food Day", etc.

There are a few things wrong with this practice. First of all, the people who get these don't have a subscription. That means: they don't want papers delivered, or they would get a subscription! Nobody reads them, because they only deliver the most unimportant parts of the paper, like sports and food.

Next, this practice is basically the equivalent of someone coming to your house multiple times a week for the sole purpose of deliberately littering in your yard. In my case, since I have asked them to stop delivering them three times, this would also constitute trespassing. Plus, you can't just throw the junk papers in the recycle, because the recycle people insist that you first separate the bag, then take it somewhere else! Nobody wants the things!

So, The Oregonian is causing many, MANY citizens of Portland the unnecessary hassle of constantly picking up, separating, recycling the paper, and then to top it off, they make you bring the bag somewhere other than your curbside to recycle it.

The Oregonian, it seems then, loves the war and wants people to keep fighting and dying so that they may profit. (Probably to have atrocities to report on as well.) This is obvious because they continue to use factories to produce WASTE that then must be: driven, using gasoline, to houses. Then, a truck drives around town picking up the waste, and your car probably drives to the store to recycle the bags. Unless you are one of the ones that composts the paper and bikes the bag to the store (props to you.) But there are far many others who either just throw the junk papers out, adding to landfills, or leave them scattering their front yard, adding ugliness to our beautiful city and bring down property values all around them.

All of this is very bad for peace, since the main reasoning behind having our citizens die at war is because of an "oil shortage". The most obvious thing to do to stop the need for a war is to use less oil in all its forms.

When will The Oregonian get with the rest of the state and do something for peace, not to mention the environment? Please, call The Oregonian and ask them to STOP THIS MADNESS! Request they do NOT deliver them to your house, and end your subscription until they stop contributing to the oil shortage that is hurting our enivornment, our soilders, and our pocketbooks.

P.S.: (I'm going to try to press charges against the Oregonian for littering and trespassing. Please contact me if you can help me with this. Thank you and have a litter-free day!)

Thank You! 03.Jun.2008 08:30

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thank you for taking on this fight. The overall struggle contains many many smaller struggles, like this one. Here in Vancouver, i've taken on phone companies who deliver various phone books repeatedly thru the year. I've called the city attorney about the trespass thing, & he agreed that it is trespassing if i've told them to stop. I do not want multiple phone books put on my porch. It's offensive to my sense of environmentalism. Comcast is another offender. I've called their Beaverton headquarters dozens of times about the junk they send over & over to my mailbox. I'm saving the ads & when i get a large enuf stack i'll go to Beaverton & dump it on comcast's office floor.

And Police Do Nothing... 03.Jun.2008 11:03

Dana Whitehart

I emailed the Portland Police on their website. They had a link that was where to direct questions. I sent them this letter:

[I'm looking to make a complaint about commercial littering. I do not know if this is the correct department for this. I have been calling, emailing, and even using snail mail to try to convince The Oregonian to stop littering on my property. I am not sure how to solve this problem.

I have contacted them 5 times, in 3 different ways, as I stated above, to ask them not to deliver newspapers to my house. But once a week or more, I still get junk newspapers thrown into my yard, which I consider litter. I know who is littering on my property (The Oregonian) and I would like to do whatever I can to make them stop.

Do I need to press charges for littering and trespassing, and if so, how would I go about doing this?

I don't think it is ok that calling and asking to be put on the do not deliver list is not enough. They told me on the phone that I would no longer get the things. Yet I keep getting them sometimes twice a week, and it has been two months since the first time I called to complain.

My mother and her friend are both disabled and they have tried to stop getting these papers too. It is a hassle for them to have to retrieve them from the yard, which is required by law in order to not recieve complaints for trash.

What should we do? PLEASE help!

Sincerely, Dana Whitehart

Someone wrote me back and all the message says is: "what address is this happening at?"

That seems a little strange that they can't give me answers to my questions without first being able to track me down. I have no problem giving them my address, but first I was wondering, is there anyone else who has called to stop these papers, and yet still gets them?

I can add in your address as a place "this is happening at", since I know that it must be going on all over the city.

Another thing someone brought up - Since I have repeatedly asked them to stop, I think that constitutes harrassment as well. If anyone knows about the law and can clear up some of this confusion, please let me know! Thank you for the support, Den Mark!

Local junk mail 03.Jun.2008 17:58


The Columbian sends 1 copy weekly via US mail because I do not subscribe. Apparently, there's no way to stop LOCAL junk mail, as there is for outside local. So day after day I get all this junk that goes directly to the mixed paper recycle container. When I saved it and brought it in to the P.O., they didn't give a rip and there's no way to direct a complaint. When I requested no mail delivery of a hypenated marriage name that no longer exists, the PO stopped delivery of ALL my mail as their computers supposedly don't recognized hypenated names separately. That cost me a AAA resubscription (returned to sender, "no forwarding address" stamped when I realized my membership had expired and I needed AAA assistance. It caused lots of problems. I've finally just given up.

Send them back 04.Jun.2008 12:05

Little Old Me

It must be legal to dump these things on people's private property, eh? So what if people just started taking these things to the Oregonian and dumping them on their front stoop?

Illogical 07.Jun.2008 21:02


You seem to be making the false conclusion that people who don't subscribe, don't want anything from the paper.

It could be that most people, enough to make it worthwhile to the Oregonian, don't want to pay for Food Day but will take advantage of it. If it wasn't making any money, they'd stop giving it away. Witness the Tribune going once a week now...