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Lone Vet Report=Flying Chickens

No Accountability let the chickens fly
In Love?
In Love?
Let The Chickens Fly

Next Thursday, June 5th about 12:00-12:30 PM we will fly two rubber chickens in front of the Earlman's office. The first Chicken will be called, "Pelosi-the-Chicken-Hearted" and the second will be known as "Earl-The Gutless."

We will try to fly the chickens to the top of the buildings for all to see. There will be signs explaining the reasons for our unusual flight.

Come join us in the fun with a message that we are still watching and damning what the democrats are about to do. They will carry this genocide of Iraq into next year. There will be deaths, more slaughtering of the innocent, but the politicians will not have to deal with funding during the November elections. That is their desire, ours is to let people know that this must not stand.

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

Location: 729 Oregon ST.
Time: 1200-1400

Bring a sign and have some fun letting people know that the occupation will continue into next year, and no impeachment is on Pelosi and Blumenauer agenda. Winning elections is what drives these chickens, let's drive them up the wall for a few hrs.

A good laugh 02.Jun.2008 16:14

Jody Paulson

Hey Joe, I just saw your rubber chicken video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqKaY62HXMM&feature=related

Was it made by the same person who did Shirley Golub's commercial (aired in San Francisco)?

Chickens 02.Jun.2008 17:38


No offense, but chickens are beautiful, intelligent, courageous birds who have been erroneously stereotyped. These kinds of stereotypes make it easier to abuse, kill, and exploit chickens and other animals.

Why not throw rubber humans instead?