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The Simple but Powerful Secret to Freedom Is Already Within You

In the "Language of Light" the Sacred Prayers of the Universe; Transmissions of the highest heaven will activate your "God Code Points"; Awakening you to your Higher Self and Return to God.
Are you ready to be who you came here to be?
The Real "Secret"
The Simple but Powerful Secret to Freedom Is Already Within You
The Real Secret is Connecting to It



Intergalactic rainbow experience





we need a dream

The Earth Rainbow Network
"One Planet, One People, One Future"

Truth Be Known Nation

In the "Language of Light" the Sacred Prayers of the Universe; Transmissions of the highest heaven will activate your "God Code Points"; Awakening you to your Higher Self and Return to God.
Are you ready to be who you came here to be?

The Kingdom of God is Within You! What Did Jesus Mean?
Welcome! The purpose of this site is to help those who are bound under fear, produced from traditional christian religion teachings, find freedom and peace through learning to develop a relationship with God by his spirit. It is our desire to assist all in some way, on their spiritual journey of coming to know God and themselves - the truth. For all of us, it is a journey that may take different paths, but ultimately will lead to only one destination - the truth within you.

So, how can we help those who are searching, find answers to life's greatest questions? Only by providing a unique resource of writings which attempt to offer a different view, can we hope to help break down the walls of those trapped within bad religion. Religion is traditional, man-made concepts of who God is, and not the truth. Fear, guilt and condemnation form the walls of the religious prison created by men. While often disguised as the truth and freeing, it is in fact a heavy burden carried upon the shoulders of many who are heavily involved in religious organizations and denominations, today. While recognizing there are some good christian groups in the world, there are many more religious leaders and organizations looking for converts to unknowingly mislead with their own brand of "Jesus Religion." Jesus never spoke against anyone except the religious leaders of that day (and their religion) who were misleading the people! This site carries on that same tradition, as we believe a religion was formed by men in Jesus' name, while ignoring the deeper truths Jesus lived and preached.

Therefore, the various writings you find on this site have been written by authors who in the past have been imprisoned and shackled by false religious doctrines in the name of Jesus Christ. This gives each writer a unique perspective from which to write. They know the concepts and ideas of traditional christian church teachings (having been religious teachers themselves), and the freeing wisdom of the spirit of Christ, which now teaches them. The church is not baptist, catholic, christian, presbyterian, wesleyan, methodist or any other denominations or world religion. The church is not a church building. The church is people.

So, how does one become bound to religious falsehoods? The major mistake most make while "searching for God," is to run into a religious organization such as a local church, and begin learning their beliefs, immediately upholding them as "true." Jesus once stated, "If the blind lead the blind, they both will fall into a ditch." The problem comes in allowing another person to lead you, rather than God's spirit. Yes, God will speak to you! "A knowing within yourself," is the spirit of God who will lead you unto all truth. Our goal is for you to learn to look within yourself for the answers you seek; for God will speak to your heart. Paul in Romans said, "...those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God." Surely, you dwell in God and God dwells in you. The Kingdom of God is within you. Peace be with you.

From Hell To Heaven:
When I think about my desire "to find God," I remember being told, "You must be saved by believing Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and entering into water baptism for salvation; otherwise, eternal damnation will be your fate." Well, I believed that false doctrine and found myself afraid of not only "Satan" and the "devil," but of God, too! Not only that, but I was afraid to be led by the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart, because I was told to only follow the Bible, as it is the only "word of God." Eventually, I had evolved into a "new testament, pentecostal, charismatic believer," who had experienced the "baptism of the spirit," "speaking in tongues," and being "slain in the spirit." Searching for the truth while waiting on the supposed "rapture," I received the spiritual revelation of the second coming of Christ (God and man as One) to be in us! My eyes were opened and I began having "ears to hear," when I started following spirit - not scripture, religion or church doctrines. Whether one follows Buddha, Islam, Jesus Christ or any other religion, still the truth will only be found within you! -LC

New Age

This term, New Age describes a movement in western culture to explore spiritual matters without the constrains of any set religious doctrine. Known as the "New Age Movement", it contains many of the same elements found throughout different religions. New Age itself is not an actual religion, it is more of a conglomeration of many peoples "private" beliefs.

Those who consider themselves part of the New Age movement have numerous and varied beliefs; nevertheless, certain recognizable themes start to emerge at close examination. An individual who identifies themselves with the New Age Movement may also subscribe to some or all of these themes, depending on their own sense of what is good or bad, right and wrong.

The core beliefs in most people who claim to be in the New Age Movement are as follows:

1. All life, not just limited to humanity, and everything in the universe is believed to be spiritually interconnected, emanating from the same energy widely known as "God".

2. Spiritual beings (souls. angels, ghosts, ascended masters, elementals, and/or ufo aliens) exist, and can maybe guide us, if we open ourselves up to, and accept their guidance.

3. The human mind is complex and has deep levels of spirit and thought and possibly vast powers, which could be capable even of altering physical reality. "You can effect and create your own reality." Nevertheless, it is believed that this is subject to certain spiritual laws, such as physics and the principle of cause and effect.

4. They believe you as an individual has a purpose here on earth, in this life, in the present surroundings, because there are lessons to learn. The most important lesson to learn is, of course, "love".

5. Death is not the end of life; there is only life, no death at all, just in different forms. What some might refer to as an afterlife, or beyond the veil, does not punish us but instead teaches us, pretty much disputing the existence of "hell" or the "devil". Perhaps through the mechanisms of reincarnation or near-death experiences we come round again for yet another lesson (or lessons).

6. Intuition or "spiritual guidance" is a more common guide to growth than, say, rationalism, skepticism, or a scientific method. IT is held that science as a whole neglects such things as parapsychology, meditation, and holistic medicine.

7. There exists a mystical binding of all major religions, Eastern or Western. Dogma and religious tradition are not considered important.

Major critics and skeptics of New Age have surfaced from both philosophical and scientific viewpoints that seek to understand the nature of New Age beliefs. These often highlight the discrepancies between New Age's apparently irreconcilable mix of occultism and lack of acceptance of the laws of physics. More extreme criticisms have emerged, quite vigorously from evangelical Christian Churches who reject all forms of occultism.