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Punk Benefit for "Bibliokeka Social Reconstruir" Saturday!

Local punk bands Adelit@s, Squalora, Anon Remora, and Machine Gun Congress benefit this awesome anarchist library located in Mexico city.
THIS Saturday May 31st
7pm sharp
Email me for location!!!

Adelit@s (anarko punk en espanol)
Squalora (brilliant political punk!)
Anon Remora (heart felt metal)
Machine Gun Congress (Melodic D-beat punk)

3-5 dollar donation for a very important cause. VERY IMPORTANT (see below!
we can't let this place die!). Food and drinks will also be on sale, and
local revolutionary groups will be tabling! check it out.

This is a benefit show for La Bibioteca Social Reconstruir. The Biblioteca
Social Reconstruir (The Library of Social Reconstruction), is an anarchist
space located in downtown Mexico City. The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir
first began in 1978. The library currently contains 3,000 books, of which
approximately 850 are anarchist. Some are extremely old, such as La
Pornocracia by Proudhon, edited in Spain in 1892. We also have 4,700
magazines, some very old and important such as the historic "Revista
Blanca." The library also holds dozens of magazines edited during the
Spanish Revolution of 1936, as well as important Mexican anarchist
publications. Hundreds of newspapers are still in the process of being
classified, including issue #13 of Regeneracion, edited by the Flores
Magon brothers [Anarchists and heroes of the Mexican Revolution],
published November 7, 1900.

The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir is visited by investigators researching
books, students researching thesis topics, professors, etc., but it is
mainly frequented by liberationist youth [many of them punks and other
working class kids] that look to the library for inspiration and knowledge
in the quest for freedom and justice for all. The BSR is also a meeting
point for liberationist men and women from Mexico and many other parts of
the world.