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No more foie gras: protest Blue Hour Friday, May 30th

Portland Animal Defense league will be continuing its anti-foie gras campaign this Friday, May 30th. Please join us and let Blue Hour know that the torture of ducks and geese for the "delicacy" of foie gras will not be tolerated in Portland! We will be meeting at 6:30 at the courner of 10th and Davis. That is in the Pearl district downtown. We will then walk to the restaurant 'Blue Hour' where foie gras is prominently featured on their menu.
Hello, this email is about our foie gras campaign. We are doing another action this Friday at Blue Hour restaurant: 250 NW 13th Ave Portland, OR 97209. (503) 226-3394 What we want to organize: 1. Phone jam all day Friday from 11:30 am until demo time asking them to stop selling FG. 503-226-3394 or 503-221-3005. Bruce Carey is the owner and Kenny Giambalvo is owner/chef 2. Pre demo uniformity and solidarity meeting is at 6:30 pm at NW 10th and Davis right near Blossoming Lotus. Then, at 7pm we will demo Blue Hour. Tim has already sent out letters and we gave them FG video, which they probably have not watched! 3. tactics: signs constant chanting designated educators and flier people to engage customers bull horns drums fliers (Suzanne has some) do not take anything that if offered to you by Blue Hour, such as water or french fries, so bring your own libations *****Please make a message t-shirt with FG slogans on it if you can: Like "force fed ducks foie gras sucks" An old t-shirt should work *****If anyone can procure a lawn goose and bring it and force feed it oatmeal for a bit of street theatre, that would be excellent!!! 4. Chants: Learn these chants if you can: a, do some thing that's right take foie gras off the menu tonight b. force fed ducks foie gras sucks c. Blue Hour sucks force fed ducks d. shame on you shame on you shame on you e. we won't be here if you take foie gras off the menu f. that's not dinner that's diseased liver g. your money, your choice ducks and geese have no voice

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org/