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Muir the Medicine Man 2008

This is a true story.
Muir in 2008 was living
On the west side of the Sierra's
Growing medical marijuana.
After taking his wife and baby to rock hunt on the east side of the Sierra's
The police started sniffing around his medicine lodge.
They smelt medicine that no big pharma could create.
They were incensed. They raided the place.
They took all of the medicine he needed away.
Muir had more than one reason for medical marijuana.
One reason was that he suffered from joint problems
And muscular back aches from a horrible car crash
He had suffered from in high school.
Rather than take muscle relaxers and fade
Into commercials he grew his medicine
And snowboarded the slopes of the Sierras all winter.
They reported on the news that everything was great.
We were at 90 percent capacity of water supply. The medicine man was happy.
It was a good winter.
But then they took away the medicine mans potent energy.
They trashed his lodge.
They threatened imprisonment. They came to take his baby away.
He cried.
The snow stopped.
From one day to the next we suffered as he did.
No water for California.
No snow for the Sierras.
In one months time they reported on the news that we
Were now at 60% capacity of water levels.
Muir had left the Sierras and wandered.
He took his small family, his snowboard, his small pouch of medicine
And left to live elsewhere.
Even though medical marijuana is legal in the Sierra's
Californian police are still destroying lives.
In the East Bay we are now water rationing for the summer.
The medicine man left the slopes and slopes dried up.
You may not believe me, but this is a true story.
Remember that when you destroy the balance of one persons
Spiritual life you are throwing us all out of balance.
This police officer never thought,
Will my raiding a medicine lodge put California into another bad drought?
He was not taught this way.
He does not understand this way.
He can not help himself. He holds everything as evidence.
He is contemplating further action.
I pray that he comes to his senses.
We need the water to come back.
Give back Muir his medicine. Let his family play amongst the mountains.
So many of these big pharma companies are buying
Marijuana patents while prohibition stands.
They are ready to profit should it finally be legalized.
Do not destroy our prophets. Respect the land.
What game do you play with our laws,
Mr Officer? You should leave the Sierra's.
Why did you chase Muir away?