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China Conquers Chomolongma Summer 2008

Free Tibet.
China Conquers Chomolongma Summer 2008

On May 8th you declared you had conquered
The sacred mountain. You triumphantly shouted
"Long Live Bejing"
Into our winds, carried like a prayer on global warming
Polluted landscapes
You flowed like an avalanche of destruction
You quaked the world
With your furies,
You had shouted as you killed Tibetan Monks
That the Dali Lama was a terrorist.
200 Tibetans were killed.
No one was allowed in Tibet, only the army
And the dying Tibetans.
You summited our scared place
And lifted ash to our snowy faces
And screamed that you could never show kindness
To the people of Tibet and the simple faith
That guides... .
World wide you met sorrow and gentle protesters
Asking for Tibetan Freedom,
And you declared a state of emergency as you ransacked
The temples, jailed the nuns and beat the monks
The world stood back aghast and said,
"Not in my name."
We boycotted your triumphant opening ceremonies.
4 days and 4 directions later
The quake in your words ripped apart the Sichuan province
Poor sufferers of your actions.
50,000 died and we rushed back to your aid.
You did not scream of world wide injustice then.
You did not say that our peaceful actions
Were terrorism then.
Nationalism could not paint a wide propaganda face
Of perfection.
You covered the sacred mountain in Tibetan bloodshed
And so many suffered. Too many suffered.
Our warnings hit your blocked ears.
No protesters were allowed to summit Chomolongma before your triumph
For fear of world wide condemnation of your actions against Tibet.
Only the earth was heard to rumble.

Please, It is time. Give Tibet Freedom.
Stop your pollution. Listen to the earth.
She conquers all.