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Ungar Furs Shut Down

Ungar Furs Shut Down for Memorial Day, but Protesters Did Not
With Ungar Furs shut down for Memorial Day, protesters used the Saturday morning regular protest time to write educational messages on the sidewalk in chalk. Several protesters gathered to continue the presence in front of the store, which sells the pelts of animals who have had their necks broken, were gassed to death or anally electrocuted in the name of vanity.

The animals used for Ungar's unethical products do not get holidays off, and Ungar Furs will not get any Saturdays off. Remarkably, the fact that the store was closed did not seem to make any difference in their daily sales, as roughly the same number of customers approached the store as when the store is open: 0.

Come help Ungar Furs make the responsible decision that it's time to retire:

Every Saturday
10:30 am - 1 pm
1137 SW Yamhill St
Portland 97205