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BREAKING: 9/11 Hunger Strike in Phoenix, AZ

Someone in Arizona is on a hunger strike outside John McCain's office. Below is a message from AZ state senator Karen S. Johnson. [authenticity unconfirmed]
Hi Everyone -

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on Blair. A couple of the 9/11 Truth activists spent many hours with Blair yesterday outside Senator McCain's office. Here's what one of them reported:

"We had a good day today. I spent almost the entire day with Blair and he's doing OK. He is not drinking enough water and I hounded him all day long to drink up. He was also somewhat weak after the downtown rally.

Tomorrow will be a key day for him. Keep him in your prayers."

I imagine water might get pretty boring when that's all you're ingesting. Or maybe you lose your appetite for everything when you're on an extended fast ... ? Everyone do please keep Blair in your prayers. He's on Day 3 without food now, and needs all the support he can get.

When this was originally planned, Blair intended to stay at the site 24x7. But several of the activists raised concerns about his safety. Although Senator McCain's office is in a relatively safe neighborhood, Central Phoenix is nevertheless not necessarily a place to be out on the streets at night. When it became apparent that there weren't going to be enough people to do overnights with Blair, it was decided that he would leave the site at 10:30 p.m. and come back around 7 to 7:30 each morning. That way he can at least shower and sleep in a bed each night in a safe place.

The temperature today is expected to reach 97 degrees. 98 for tomorrow (Thursday) and 101 on Friday. As the heat climbs, water is going to be more and more important. If any of you who live in the Phoenix area can get over to see Blair, be sure to encourage him to keep drinking. Take bottled water with you to keep him well supplied (no fruit drinks - he won't drink them - he's very determined!). Sit with him for a few hours if you can work it into your schedule. He'll appreciate the company. He has lots of books and reading material, but visitors will be a welcome break. If you can email us updates, we'll pass them on to the entire list.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

***Senator Karen S. Johnson*


Arizona Senate

1700 W. Washington St.

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Ok, but? 28.May.2008 12:10


What is the point?

Showing a commitment 28.May.2008 17:09

Jody Paulson

I've heard that Gandhi once said fasting is the sincerest form of prayer. I think there's a lot of spiritual power in demonstrating to others your commitment to a cause, which in this case, is truth. There's something really wrong with a country whose citizens are encouraged to go shopping and pig out at McDonald's while (as Scott McClellan now acknowledges) we bomb and subjugate people on false pretexts. I applaud what Blair is doing, though I can't help but think that *all* Americans should be sharing this penance -- or at least cleansing -- my prayers go out to him.

Unfortunately, I doubt McCain is any more likely to respond than Speaker Nancy Pelosi did when Code Pink fasted outside her house last year: