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Student Sit-In at TESC, 100 Hours

an update on the going ons of the sit in going on in Olympia.... A student sit-in at the Evergreen State College (TESC) has now surpassed its 100th hour and is heading into its fifth day. The sit-in is in support of reinstatement of the banned student group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

The student protesters have peacefully occupied the Seminar One building and have renamed it People's University. This sit-in is a part of a struggle for Free Speech on campus and an effort to put to a halt to the trend of deteriorating student rights on campus.

On Friday, May 23 an Evergreen student lost her job as a result of her participation in the demonstrations. Kelly Beckham, 20, was fired from her job at campus Parking Services after being deemed by a "security threat" by Evergreen Chief of Police Ed Sorger. She was notified directly by the police of her termination, rather than by the proper chain of command of her employment. Kelly Beckham, a member of banned student group SDS, was a speaker at the SDS Free Speech rally that preceded the sit-in. The loss of her job was a direct result of her involvement with the sit-in.

Olympia SDS and their supporters intend to stay in the occupied building until SDS is reinstated as a student group. Olympia SDS is requesting support and solidarity in all forms. All Power to the people. Student Power. ~ Olympia SDS

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