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Boycott Tillamook Cheese

Tillamook Creamery Assoc. recently let go "without cause" one of it's highest quality milk producers - Xavier Avila, who coincidentally had blocked one of Tillamook's inspector's from harrassing fellow dairy farmer Liz Classen. Classen had already been repeatedly sexually harassed by this perverted inspector to the point where she had a restraining order against him....
I've lived in Oregon all my life and have eaten uncountable pounds of Tillamook Cheese and Ice cream. But no more - not until Tillamook Creamery assoc. reverses it's decision to uncerimoniously dump Xavier Avila from it's Co-op, forcing him and his family out of Tillamook - and why? Not because of the quality of his milk - he's consistently been at or near the top (of 130 dairy farms in the co-op) for his quality milk. No, they're dumping him "without cause" because he was trying to defend fellow dairy farmer Liz Classen from being sexually harassed by Tillamook Creamery Inspector/Pervert Bryan Gibson, whom Classen already had a stalking order against.
apparently, Tillamook Cheese's board doesn't know it's own mission as stated on it's website:
"Tillamook cheese is made by a 99-year old farmer-owned cooperative committed to the core values of quality, cooperation, integrity, stewardship and customer responsiveness handed down by our founders nearly a century ago."
We treat our employees, customers, suppliers and communities with respect. We work together to achieve our mission, and we strive to partner with those who share our principles.
We are honest in our dealings and require all those associated with us to maintain the highest ethical standards. We don't cut corners. We are committed to doing what's right."

Please read the full story, then take a minute to let Tillamook Creamery know what you think at the comments section of their website:  http://www.tillamookcheese.com/contactus.aspx
Or call Tillamook Creamery directly: 503-842-4481
See News video and read full story here:  http://www.katu.com/news/specialreports/19226674.html

Tillamook dairy farmer claims 'good 'ol boy's club' is forcing him out of business
May 24, 2008 at 7:40 PM PDT
By Anna Song
TILLAMOOK COUNTY - Making a living as a Tillamook dairy farmer is hard enough but it's even harder if the creamery decides to reject your milk.
That is the situation that Xavier Avila is in, along with his wife and six children.
Every day, for months, they have had to dump 11,000 pounds of milk - the equivalent of 1,000 one-gallon containers.
It would have been one thing if the creamery had a problem with the quality of Avilas' milk but it didn't seem to. Month after month, the creamery named the family's dairy a top producer in terms of milk purity.
Avila is convinced it was his efforts to defend a fellow farmer, Liz Classen, against what he calls the 'good ol' boys club' that prompted the creamery to cancel his milk agreement and kick him out of the co-op without cause.
"I was told by several farmers, you should have just looked the other way," he said. "I just couldn't do that. How can you look away when you know somebody's out to hurt somebody."
Liz Classen claims that in 2001, Bryan Gibson, a field inspector for the Tillamook Creamery Board, came out to her dairy farm in Tillamook and came on to her in the milkhouse.
"He kind of put his arms around me," she said. "He was going to kiss me and I just pushed him off and said 'that's enough.'"
Classen said the unwanted advances continued, so she filed a stalking order against Gibson, saying that "on farm visits, his conversations always were of sexual nature" and "he always made me know he was in control."
Classen told Avila about the matter. On a day after the devastating December floods, Avila blocked the road to her farm as Gibson tried to go down it.
"I told him to get lost," said Avila. "I ran him off. They had a special meeting and questioned what happened. And I told them and the next day we got a letter saying 60-day notice without cause to leave."
With no income, their health insurance canceled, and with no way to pay their lease, the Avilas are about to lose their farm.
KATU News was repeatedly turned down for on-camera interviews with members of the Tillamook Creamery Board so we went in person to the board's headquarters and spoke with
When we asked whether Avila got kicked out of the co-op because he was trying to defend Liz Classen, Wustenberg said, "That is a matter between Mr. Avila and the board. There really was no issue with the quality of the milk he shipped." When we pushed him about why Avila's milk agreement was terminated, he said "Again Anna, that's an internal matter."
Wustenberg insisted the board is not trying to hide anything. He said what happened to Avila is rare and he assured us the creamery runs a professional business with a brand to protect.
Avila is not comforted by those words.
"They figured if they shut me up and make an example out of me, then they'd shut everybody else up and go back to the Tillamook way," he said.
KATU News began this investigation back in December of 2007.
Since then, Liz Classen has reached an out-of-court settlement regarding her complaint against Gibson, prompting her to drop the stalking matter. The settlement amount is not being disclosed.
Xavier Avila is currently looking for a dairy farm in California and plans on moving his family there.

Umm, here's another reason to dump Tilamook, and all dairy - 26.May.2008 16:55


on EVERY SINGLE commercial dairy farm (including organic and so-called free range), calves are removed from their mothers on the day of or within days of birth. This happens by brute force. The calf and mother may call for each other for months. This is so humans can steal the dairy for themselves. Calves are fed milk replacement. Females are forced to be pregnant every year, to produce a new supply of milk each year, as well as female replacements for themselves. Then, once they are "spent," from all the breeding (usually a few years - whereas naturally they could live 20-25 years) they are sent to slaughterhouses and made into cheap hamburger.

Dairy is the reason for veal - there's no use for male calves on a dairy farm.

Another reason to boycott Tillamook 26.May.2008 19:41


Still need yet another reason to boycott any and all Tillamook products? In the mid 90's they were purchasing milk from Richard Lee of Astoria. Lee, as a side business to his dairy operation, became a USDA Class A Animal Dealer. He provided dogs to medical research facilities, including, but not limited to, our very own Oregon Health & Science University. He was charged with several USDA violations during his time of operations. He was caught housing dogs in the area where his cows were also being kept but an even more serious violation was when he obtained some dogs from Yamhill County Animal Control to sell for medical research. When Tillamook was notified of these violations and of his sideline venture they refused to so much as even speak with or discipline him, stating that he operated a "Heritage Farm" and was in good standing with them. It became obvious to the numerous callers who reported his misconduct to Tillamook they were interested in profit above all else.

support local Co-ops and rBGH-free milk! 26.May.2008 23:18


Tillamook is not perfect, but thank god they are local, grass-fed, a Co-op, and growth hormone free.

We all know how these orgs work... power accumulates and then someone calls them on it... since it's a co-op situation there is actually a system to deal with this corruption... we should support collective and cooperative models of business for their flexability... how about you contact Tillamook as a customer and say that you are concerned about what you've heard? Collectives can actually change as opposed to rigid heirarchies which can not.

Blaming all these local farmers for this is akin to someone blaming an affinity group at a protest for the behavior of someone a spokescouncil... empower the collective and the corruption will be removed.

Local is essential too. Let's build our local food-shed.

Grass-fed is essential. We have wiped out the giant bison and elk herds which managed grasslands and fixed carbon in the soils... proper use of cattle can mimic those processes and fix carbon.

And how wonderful that they have taken a stand against growth hormone.

Grass fed or local doesn't erase the fact of removing day old babies 27.May.2008 00:45


from their mothers by force, selling the boy calves as veal, and impregnating year after year until the cows are spent milking machines shipped off to the slaughterhouse. Talk to any of the Tilamook farmers - that's industry practice.

Unless you're a baby cow, you don't need to eat dairy. And if you're a Tilamook dairy cow, you're not even getting to suckle your mom, or getting her comfort. YOU had the comfort of a mom, why not let calves have that too?

When you see 40 year old human babies with dairy in their mouths, know quite literally that it was stolen from real babies.

Not all co-ops are created equal 27.May.2008 10:50


Local, as I already stated: In the past Tillamook was contacted by many individuals, some customers, some not, all concerns fell on deaf ears. Tillamook was not interested in hearing public concern nor were they interested in correcting a USDA health violation where dogs were housed in the same structure as were cows. Their only concern was to protect their profits not the public.
Not all co-ops are created equal.

hey local - since you acknowledge that first world 29.May.2008 18:15


people can eat only plants - and you are in the first world - you can drop the excuses about carrots and pigs being the same (uh no - one has no pain sensors or central nervous system, the other does) and therefore it makes no ethical difference which you eat. No one here is trying to say what the Inuit should eat. WE HERE are all first worlders. So drop the foggy and illogical BS. And give me ANY real evidence that a carrot feels pain.

seriously 29.May.2008 22:07


> hey local - since you acknowledge that first world people can eat only plants - and you are in the first world - you can drop the excuses about
> carrots and pigs being the same (uh no - one has no pain sensors or central nervous system, the other does) and therefore it makes no ethical
> difference which you eat. No one here is trying to say what the Inuit should eat. WE HERE are all first worlders. So drop the foggy and illogical BS.
> And give me ANY real evidence that a carrot feels pain.

my point is that it is an artificial luxury... that it comes about because of our elite status... and it comes at a cost of suffering that is immeasureable, but is exported to other places.

I'm not saying that pigs and carrots are the same... i'm saying that inability to feel pain is not a reason for bias. As far as I know, Carrots do NOT feel pain as we know it, but I'm saying that any form of the chain-of-being crap: where someone is more worthy of compassion simply because they have a spinal chord, is fuzzy thinking and avoiding the central truth of life: that we all are part of a great meal.

All life is equally a part of the family tree of life. We all share a common ancestor and we eat one another.

Why can you be vegetarian/vegan?
Because of oil.
Because of linear, monocultural, food systems
Because we have the luxary of not using the ability of animals to cycle resources and regulate plants.
But there is pain caused by industrial agriculture... for people, for landscapes, for animals. Agriculture is destroying our planet.

Are you seriously claiming that you are more ethical that indigenous people the world over? Or other orgamisms. are you better than a lion or a praying mantis or a mastutake mushroom?

Grass fed 25.Mar.2010 23:22

Ian liquidvision@gmail.com

Grass will grow after being trimmed.... Trees still grow when their fruit has been eaten. "Use of mankind". Do cows have any surplus of milk after the calf is done feeding?