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Tre Arrow Plea Bargain Court Date June 3rd

Tre's plea hearing has been set for 11am on June 3rd, at the Federal
Courthouse in downtown Portland (620 SW Main). All are welcome to attend!
Tre's plea hearing has been set for 11am on June 3rd, at the Federal
Courthouse in downtown Portland (620 SW Main). This is a rare chance to see Tre and show him your support. All are welcome to attend!

Wrong Address Listed 26.May.2008 12:12


The federal courthouse is at 1000 SW 3rd. The address listed above is for the old federal courthouse, and that courthouse closed about 12 years ago.

See you in June!

Address given is wrong 27.May.2008 10:26

stu sugarman

The address given in this story is wrong. The correct address for the courthouse is 1000 SW 3rd. The address given is to the old courthouse that was replaced by the one at 1000 SW 3rd in 1996 or so. No one should go to 620 SW Main because it is no longer a courthouse.



wrong address 27.May.2008 11:08


The courthouse is at 1000 SW 3rd, and not the address provided above.

Address change of courthouse 27.May.2008 18:02

Tre Arrow Defense Committee tre@riseup.net

The correct address is 1000 S.W. 3rd. Judge Redden's courtroom is #1527.

Statement from Tre Arrow 28.May.2008 09:58

Tre via a friend

From Tre Arrow:

Blessings to all of you.

Perhaps you've heard that I'm set to take a plea bargain on June 3rd. In
the aftermath of Briana Waters' and Eric McDavid's trials, I have
weighed the options and decided that i don't want to take the risk of
potentially being convicted and spending the rest of my life in prison.

I want you all to know that this is a non cooperation plea agreement: I
am in no way selling my soul just to receive a sweet deal from the
prosecution. By this I mean I am not giving them any information about
anyone or any thing which could lead to others being prosecuted. They
offered me a deal I couldn't refuse, which takes into account the time I
served in Canada. For those who supported me through all of this, I
thank you deeply.

I continue to stand firm in my commitment to being a voice for the
Earth. I speak for the trees, for our fellow co inhabitants, and for the
voices commonly ignored. This is our home, our one and only Earth
Mother. Just as I will protect my birth mother from violation and harm,
I am dedicated to being a force to stop the unnecessary and egregious
assault on this precious planet. To this end I devote my music, my
passion, my life. I look forward to seeing everyone on June 3rd.