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Dispatch from the Sit-in at Evergreen

The occupation at Evergreen continues.

Not too many personal accounts have been posted online about the sit-in/occupation at The Evergreen State College for the reinstatement of Olympia Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). It started Wednesday, May 21st around 4pm and has continued since. Just before the sit-in started, 150 students, staff and faculty gathered in Red Square for a planned Free Speech Rally where speakers from SDS, MEChA, CISPES and the Evergreen Animal Rights Network spoke about the free speech fight at Evergreen and made connections to political repression in the Green Scare, against MEChA in the Southwest and the FMLN.

Shortly after the rally started, SDS's last appeal with the college took place elsewhere on campus. When the rally ended students marched toward Vice President of Student Affairs Art Costantino's office in the Sem 1 building. He was outside of the building instead of in his office. Students confronted him and chanted "Free Speech!" and "Reinstate SDS!". Students attempted to have a discussion with him, but Art refused and walked away. The students then decided to march up the stairs in the Sem 1 building and sit-in outside of his office. Around 60 students started the sit-in.

Students, both SDSers and supporters, have kept a continuous presence outside of Art's office, rotating in shifts where 5 to over 20 students will be there at any given time. People continue to donate food and other needed supplies for the sit-in.
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