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Benefit Concert for Iraq Vets Against War

Monday, May 26 - Memorial Day
Benefit concert at Mt. Tabor Theater, 4811 S.E. Hawthorne

"NO MORE MEMORIAL DAYS" - 5 - 10 p.m. Featuring Dave Rovics, Grant Remington, Loose Change and Will Campbell on the amazing washtub bass (over 21 only)

March to Peace Memorial Park (North Interstate and North Oregon) for a Peace Picnic: Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 will be commemorating Memorial Day, May 26, again at the "forgotten" walls of the Memorial Coliseum. This will be the fifth year that Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 has stepped away from the traditional militaristic ceremonies and rhetoric to honor their fallen brothers and sisters in arms, for as General Ulysses S. Grant, eighteenth President of the United States, said, "The one thing I never want to see again is a military parade."

veterans for peace
veterans for peace
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