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When progressives are silent
this was a good program--now?
this was a good program--now?
Sara, (Of the famous Pissed Off Grannies) my friend and mentor in so many ways, asked me to read the Oregonian paper today, because there was an article by Steve Duin talking about the removal of Heidi Tauber from KPOJ. The station tells its listeners that they are the only progressive station in Portland, that is a lie. (KBOO)

A progressive is a human being who loves the "Other" as much as themselves and in some instances even more so. (My definition)

From all the reports I have read, Heidi Tauber was told she was gone, escorted out of the studio and all mention of her was forbidden. Her e-mail accounts were erased, and the station would not answer any questions that the listeners posed to them about the firing of Heidi.
How does this action fit my definition of what a progressive is or should be? It doesn't!

The moment of truth came to Carl and Tom when they knew what was happening and said nothing--not a word about how this action offended the very concept of being a progressive. They sold their souls to the devil. (tag your it)

Heidi is much kinder than I, as an activist I spend most of my time kicking the authorities in the shins to get their attention. So, Carl, Tom and the management of KPOJ, get Heidi back, apologize to your listeners or face the boycott of your station that will surly come. You can not preach to us about fairness, dignity, and honor and do something like this---it will not stand!

Watching the Tudors, I came across a great line by Thomas Moore when saying goodbye to his family and facing prison, "Always be good and if you can't always be good be the least bad that you can be."

KPOJ was very bad during and since this firing happened. Carl watch your back!

Heidi if you read this, may good things happen to you and your family.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
(Ex-supporter of KPOJ)

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do we know why? 25.May.2008 13:44


what if there was a good reason to fire her?
would you tune back in?
just wondering

and posing the question "What did she do to warrant this?"

if the station wont talk nor tell
I wonder what they are hiding