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KBOO Monday Morning Talk Radio

Honor the Dead, But Save the Living

On this day of grief and remembering, listen to voices of some who are working to end war, ensure that those who return receive care and support, and stand as heroes of the force for peace.
KBOO, 90.7 FM Monday Morning Talk Radio

At 7:30, Ret. Col. Ann Wright, co-author of Dissent: Voices of Conscience will discuss the cost of war to women soldiers-PTSD, sexual assault, rape and murder.

At 8, Michael Marceau from D.C. Veterans for Peace will join us to tell how DC VFP was dis-invited from marching in the Memorial Day Parade there.

And at 8:30, Chanan Suarezdiaz of Seattle Iraq Vets Against the War will talk about next weekend's NW Winter Soldier event in Seattle.

Then at 10:30, Chris Andrea will talk with Malcolm Chaddock, VF72, about local events this day.

Listen up, OK?

The real reason for Memorial Day 24.May.2008 18:09

Theresa Mitchell

Memorial Day is celebrated each year to allow the ruling class to undermine dissent, by using the grief of those bereaved by imperial wars, as a bludgeon against antiwar agitation.

Well, that-- and the sale of gasoline and beer.

Hooray for KBOO dissent!