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My Moment of Freedom--27 May 08

170 billion more for killing
when will the dems get a backbone?
when will the dems get a backbone?
My Moment of Freedom

During our protest in front of Rep. Blumenauer's office, I had decided to leave the Democratic Party. Just before the deadline for filing for the US House arrived I decided to wait and file to oppose the Earlman and put off my moment of freedom. The primary is over and it is now time to break from a party that has lost its way and become part of the continuation of the slaughter of the innocents in Iraq.

On May 27th in solidarity with the brave and honorable people who will face trial in DC for protesting outside of the Supreme Court I will sign the paperwork to leave the democratic party and become an independent.


My words and reasoning could not come up to these wonderful words by Cynthia McKinney's speech


After 40 years of working with the dems, I have just given up on this party lead by Pelosi, Reed, Emanuel, Hoyer and Schumer. I just cannot stand it anymore. I will not vote for any of the democrats running for any office because they will continue the occupation and now genocide of the defenseless country called Iraq. I will look for candidates who will stop the madness and not just talk about it in a way that just confuses most Americans.

I do this not out of sadness but with a feeling of joy, we are not alone.

Joe Walsh-lone vet

homepage: homepage: http://walsh08.com

Jpin the crowd 22.May.2008 21:57


You're a late-comer, but I welcome you anyway!

a WA state Green party member

YOU BLEW IT 24.May.2008 09:53

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Read first


Lone Vet to Peace Movement: You blew it!

On May 16 I wrote and sent e-mails out to all that the vote in the House that stopped the funding for the war was suspect and there were red flags that must be paid attention to, what was your reaction, you call for us to celebrate and call our representatives and thank them for their vote.

The magic number to kill a bill is 216, yet this funding was stopped by a vote of 149---Why?

The republicans voted over 137 times as present, a big red flag that you did not even acknowledge except in passing it off as they were afraid to vote on this part of the bill----wrong!

Pelosi voted against her own bill, Why? There is a procedural rule in the House that says you can not bring up a bill again if you voted for it and it fails, but you can bring it back up if you voted against it.

The only way to stop this plan by Pelosi and Reed is to occupy every congressional office every day until they defeat the funding bill in the House. People must stay and refuse to leave and after they are arrested more people must show up the next day and close down the offices. There must be direct action on a massive scale and shake the very foundation of these politicians. Can you do that or are we going to march around once again where the police and authorities tell us we can?

The House leadership has failed us, the Senate has failed us, the democratic candidates have failed us, and now the Peace Movement has also failed us.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon
in love with war
in love with war
the chickenman
the chickenman
the cost to our military and the people of Iraq for another year
the cost to our military and the people of Iraq for another year