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Volunteer at Lunchtime (NW Pdx)

Volunteer opportunities in NW Portland, particularly Loaves & Fishes, at NW 19th & Irving.
A Loaves & Fishes Senior Lunch is held each weekday at First Immanuel Lutheran Church at NW 19th & Irving. This program only works because local volunteers provide the people power to make it happen. Any and all assistance is greatly needed and truly appreciated! Thank you for your consideration.

Loaves & Fishes Server Positions: One Set-Up Volunteer is needed weekdays from 10 am - Noon to help with lunch set-up and serving. Two Kitchen Crew Volunteers are also needed from 11 am- 1 pm. These folks will serve and then do kitchen clean up and dishes.

Loaves & Fishes Food Pick-Up & Delivery Driver: Each weekday One Volunteer Driver picks-up food (several coolers) from L&F at SW 11th & Main at 10:45 am to take to the Irving St. L&F Lunch Site at NW 19th & Irving. After unloading the coolers (10-15 min) they return them back to the main kitchen for use the next day. Good sized vehicle required! If time is not an issue, this person may want to add on either the 10am set-up shift, or the 11am kitchen crew shift. Drivers for Mondays and Fridays are especially needed!

For more information or to sign up for a shift, contact: Pamela Porter at 503-327-1253 or email  Pamela@nwncc.org.

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