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Multnomah County Election Results

The results for early ballots have been returned. Here's what it looks like so far.
County Commissioner, District No. 1 - Deborah Kafoury is the clear winner.

County Commissioner, District No. 3 - Judy Shiprack has a 20% lead.

County Commissioner, District No. 4 - Carla Piluso has an almost 20% lead.

Portland Mayor - Sam Adams has 57% and could win outright.

City Commissioner, Position No. 1 - Amanda Fritz has 43%. The real question is who the other spot in the runoff will be: Branam, Bissonnette, and Lewis are all within 1% of each other.

City Commissioner, Position No. 2 - Nick Fish has 61% and could win outright.

City Commissioner, Position No. 4 - Randy Leonard has 71% and will likely win outright.

Measures 51 and 52 are approved by 78% and will certainly pass

Measure 53 is up 56% (Yes) to 43% (No) and will likely pass.

Overall I'd say the results are somewhat disappointing with the potential for so many races to be decided in the primary instead of the general election. A real loss for democracy and a good reason to do away with that policy. Also, while it looks like a large number of people refused to accept the corporate media's universal praise of measure 53, it looks like there won't be enough to prevent the loss of a significant check on police power.

Interesting state-wide races 20.May.2008 20:45


US Senator (D): Novick was narrowly leading Merkley, now Merkley narrowly leads Novick. This might be the most interesting and closest race of the night.

US Rep 5th District (R): Erickson is comfortably ahead of Mannix.

Secretary of State (D): Kate Brown has a commanding lead.

Attorney General (D): Kroger has a 13% lead over MacPherson.

OR Rep 42nd District (D): Jules Kopel-Bailey has a sizable lead.

Measures 51 and 52 are approved by more than 75%.

Measure 53 is being approved 55% to 45%.

updates 20.May.2008 21:02


Turnout in Multnomah County / Oregon:

Dems: 56% / 35%
Reps: 18% / 22%
Inds: 25% / 12%

The state election results page is crashing periodically.

Adams, Fish, and Leonard all appear to still be on track to win outright.

City Commissioner 1 still appears to headed for the general election with Fritz and Lewis though both Branam and Bissonnette are only a few hundred votes behind Lewis.

Merkley's lead over Novick has increased.

Looks like Neville was a big factor... 20.May.2008 21:14

progressive voter

Merkley 45%
Neville 7%
Novick 41%

as of 9:06pm

Assuming that most of Neville's votes would have gone to Novick, she might have pushed this one to Merkley. Bummer

more updates 20.May.2008 21:20


The state election website is still having issues.

The only races of interest at this point are:

US Senator (D): Merkley is still ahead of Novick.

City Commissioner, Position No. 1: Lewis is still slightly ahead of Bissonette and Branam.

updates 20.May.2008 21:31


I assume it goes without saying that all of the anti-war Democratic challengers were soundly defeated.

Here's hoping that they leave the democratic party and run as independents.

As for updates:

Merkley's lead over Novick has increased to over 12,000 votes.

The gap on Measure 53 has closed to 52% (Yes) to 48% (No).

more updates 20.May.2008 21:58


It looks like the mayor's races for Eugene and Beaverton are also pretty close.

Statewide turnout has reached 36% with well over half of that turnout being registered Democrats.

Merkley's lead over Novick has increased to 15,000.

Still looks like Fritz and Lewis will face off for the general election.

it's all over but the drinkin' 20.May.2008 23:17


Novick has conceded to Merkley.

There haven't been any changes to any other races or measures.

I did get the turnout thing wrong above and can update that whenever the state site works again.

How about this factoid: 56% of the registered voters in Multnomah County are democrats but they cast over 72% of the votes in this primary. Note to independents: if you don't vote you'll have to live in a city whose elected politicians are picked by Democrats. Is that really what you want?

actually, measure 53 passage narrowing 20.May.2008 23:43


While 53 is still almost assured to pass the margin has narrowed. It now stands at 50.8% Yes and 49.2% no. The lead is less than 12,000 votes. Not too bad considering there was no organized opposition and the complete endorsement of the corporate media.

could measure 53 be stopped? 21.May.2008 00:17


So I've been looking over the numbers. Turns out measure 53 only has support in Multnomah and Washington counties. The rest of the state has rejected it. This is one of those reasons why the rest of Oregon dislikes and distrusts Portland. Here's the breakdown:

Multnomah and Washington: Yes: 56% / No: 44%
Rest of Oregon: Yes: 48% / No: 52%

As the rest of the votes come in from around the state maybe the good people of Oregon will be successful at saving themselves from the folly of measure 53 and its Portland supporters.

sorry didn't get that quite right 21.May.2008 00:31


It was actually Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Marion where measure 53 passed with large support (> 5%). Still a striking difference between the Portland Metro area and the rest of the state.

Damn 21.May.2008 08:56

Working Class Mama

I haven't voted in a long time but this measure 53 was so bad, I had to. Sorry to hear that it most likely passed.

Well now we can all expect to legally have our house robbed by police on trumped up charges, have all of our belongings(whether relevant to the case or not) sold before we've even been found guilty or not, and all the proceeds goes to the police budget.