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Last minute voting suggestions

On my way to drop off my ballot, thought I'd share my thoughts. I'm a non-affiliated voter so only those races are included.
* (Optional) Vote against all candidates running unopposed. This will take a little time but is quite satisfying. And when you're done you should be more than 2/3 of the way finished filling out the ballot. Isn't voting fun?

* County Commisioner District 1 (my district) - Deborah Kafoury

* Mayor - I see 2 options for this race:
1. Avoid voting for Adams or Dozono in favor of any other candidate including (write-in candidates) running on issues you support.
2. Vote for Adams in order to help him win the election outright so that focus can shift to the city council races in the general election.

* City Commissioner Positions 1 & 2 - In both of these races I Think it is preferable to avoid any candidate winning outright and therefore I suggest not voting for Fritz or Fish, even if you support one or both.

* City Commissioner Position 1 - Jeff Bissonette - He has a great background, particularly with energy issues which will be extremely important in the years ahead. Also consider John Branam, the only candidate to mention the taxpayer cost of police abuse.


* City Commissioner Position 2 - Jim Middaugh - He has a strong background in environmental issues and is the only voter owned candidate in his race.


* Measure 53 - No - Police should not be allowed to steal (ie "forfeit") property of innocent people (ie those not convicted of a crime).

More thoughts here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/05/375426.shtml