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"Dems for Smith"

What's with "Democrats for Smith"?
I haven't lived in Oregon for 28 years, but i do live nearby, & yet in our Library i was astounded to see in today's Oregonian that "Democrats for Gordon Smith" has a full-page ad supporting Smith. And such as Elizabeth Furse & Avel Gordly are among those dems. What is THAT all about. So Elizabeth & Avel & the others really really LIKE the Iraq occupation & our trashed Constitution & economy, & so on.

And some expect me to believe that there is significant difference between democrats & republicans. I intend to copy that ad & show it to my true-believer friends here in Clark County.

Maybe moderate but ... 20.May.2008 17:11

Latasha Wangui

... in case you didn't notice Gordo is just another rich WHITE Racist Republican and his voting record shows it.