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"Let's Rock 2008": Portland, OR Rock n Roll Camps For Girls and Boys Ages 10-18

The Metropolitan Learning Center's SUN Community School presents "Let's Rock 2008": Rock n Roll Camps For Girls and Boys July 7-Aug 14 and "Digital Recording- (Garageband) camp" June 23 -26
Lets Rock 2008
Lets Rock 2008


The Metropolitan Learning Center's SUN Community School presents "Let's Rock 2008": Rock n Roll Camps For Girls and Boys July 7-Aug 14 and "Digital Recording- (Garageband) camp" June 23 -26 Portland, Oregon, 05/20/08? July and August 2008 will mark the fourth year of "Let's Rock", the rock n roll camp for girls and boys ages 10 -18. "Let's Rock" offers three different music camps beginning with "Digital Recording (Garageband) ", set to run from June 23-26 . "Let's Rock Level Two" (for older and more dvanced students) will run from from July 7 to July 24, and the second 'session, "Lets Rock", welcoming beginners to advanced players, will run from July 28 to August 14 in 2008, from 10 am to 2 pm, Monday through Thursday. The "Let's Rock" program facilitates a fertile environment for mentorship between music students and professional staff. Activities include: group lessons on drums, guitar, bass, keys and vocals. Songwriting and recording workshops, band rehearsals, and two performances in front of over 200 audience members are also part of the program. Attendees of past performances have been impressed with the kids chops and performing skills, prompting comments such as, "....you can't imagine the show those kids put on. It was amazing! Creative! Individual! The place was packed with proud parents all with video cameras, digital cameras, etc. Each band actually performed songs they wrote themselves. It was really something,". Rocking the Youth requires more Community Support Offering an intensive, fun opportunity to develop musical and social skills while playing rock music has drawn increased interest from kids who want to rock. The "Lets Rock" camp attendance increased every year from 2005 to 2007, primarily due to word of mouth spread by happy rock n roll campers. The camp is set to burst at the seems with interest from future attendees . "We expect to exceed our enrollment capacity this year. We will most likely need more equipment and additional staff, " says "Let's Rock" director Sam Densmore "In years past, we've 'lucked out' and been fortunate to borrow equipment from parents and teachers (one generous parent lent 5 drum sets to the camp). This year, to support our track record of interest from campers, and with expansion a near certainty, we will need all of the community support we can get, " '"Let's Rock" is something different in the way of rock n roll music camps in Portland; the focus is on music and community. Any musical kid is invited to check it out. We have a huge facility and excellent staff, it 's not as expensive as many private programs and we offer scholarships. " Learn more, hear music recorded by "Let's Rock" students, see pictures or email about the "Digital Recording Camp", "Lets Rock Level 2", or "Let's Rock", the MLC SUN Community School's summer rock n roll camp for boys and girls, at www.myspace.com/letsrockportland. For enrollment or other information please contact the MLC SUN School site director, Sylvia Linington at 503.916.2912. The MLC SUN School provides after school and other recreational programs with support from Portland Parks and Recreation

homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/letsrockportland
phone: phone: 503.916.2912