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Your input is needed - support ODOC rule-change allowing USED books into Oregon prisons

Dear Friends,

There is a comment period that ends May 26th for a rule change being
proposed by the Oregon Department of Corrections that would make the
efforts of Books to Prisoners volunteers a whole lot easier! This rule
change would also greatly benefit Oregon prisoners.

This rule would allow prisoners to receive USED books! Please voice your
support for this rule change by copying and modify the sample letter below
and getting it in the mail by no later than Saturday May 24th, so it is
sure to arrive by the deadline of May 26th -
Even if you don't have a stamp or the time, please just write the letter (now) and email it to us at  pdxbookstoprisoners@riseup.net with your name and address - then we'll print it off and mail it for you!

These have to arrive by next monday May 26th, so letters need to be in the mail by saturday may 24th.

Please send your supportive and polite comments to:

Birdie Worley
Department of Corrections
2575 Center St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4667
phone: (503) 945-0933
email:  birdie.worley@state.or.us

To view the proposed rule change, go to:

(scroll down to “Department of Corrections†â€" it is alphabetical)

Rule Caption: Incoming Mail Services for Inmates Incarcerated in
Department of Corrections Facilities.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 179.040, 423.020, 423.030 & 423.075
Stats. Implemented: ORS 179.040, 423.020, 423.030 & 423.075
Proposed Amendments: 291-131-0025
Last Date for Comment: 5-26-08
Summary: This proposed amendment will permit inmates incarcerated in
of Corrections facilities to receive used books through the inmate mail

Rules Coordinator: Janet R. Worley
Address: Department of Corrections, 2575 Center St. NE, Salem, OR
97301-4667 Telephone: (503) 945-0933

Thank you for your support!



Your name &

Birdie Worley
ODOC Rules Coordinator
2575 Center St NE
Salem OR 97301

May 12 2008

Dear Ms. Worley,

I am writing in regards to the proposed changes to mail rules to allow
prisoners to receive used books (OAR 291-131-0025). I fully support this
change because I feel that prisoners are under - served in many ways by
not having access to used books.

The new rule will help all prisoners have greater access to books and
educational materials to learn from. I also feel it's important to pass
this rule because indigent prisoners are currently at a disadvantage in
acquiring books, and allowing used books will make it a lot more possible
to get books at a lesser cost.

Thank you for addressing this issue.


this is really important. 22.May.2008 13:07


thanks a lot for sharing this. i'll send a letter and spread the word.