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U.S. provoking Venezuela!

The ball is now in our court:
If the US attacks Venezuela, it's time to rise up!
U.S. is now threatening Venezuela same as it has been threatening Iran. Seems wherever there is oil to be had, the U.S. stands ready to commit international armed robbery to grab it.

U.S. warplane violates Venezuelan air space:

homepage: homepage: http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_26759.shtml

its true 20.May.2008 08:55


This is the NWO's plan! Aaron Russo revealed it all in an interview with Alex Jones here:

embedded content: http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=1263677258215075609&hl=en

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He was told the plan of 9/11 before it went down by Nick Rockefeller. Then they gave him cancer (YES, they can do that.) He said first we will attack Afghanistan and Iraq, then Iran, then go after Hugo Chavez. Smells like oil and domination to me.
Educate others. This is their plan to destroy America. DON'T BE A FOOL, KNOW THEIR GAME, SPREAD THEIR NAME AND MAKE NEW RULES!!!

U.S 4th fleet deployed off coast of South America 20.May.2008 09:40

No Corps

The U.S. violation of Venezuelan air space occured just days after U.S. 4th fleet was deployed to South America! Here we go! Wake up! People of the world, we need to unite and rise up against this gang in Washington D.C.-their worldwide robbery must be stopped!

U.S. naval fleet to be positioned off the coast of South America

the great derangement 20.May.2008 12:58

gypsy ghost