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worker owned raw vegan cooperative

Lets work together to make raw food something that all can enjoy, not just the super privileged.

Hi all! I'm looking for folks who want to start a radical worker owned raw food cooperative in portland, or although people from neighboring towns are welcome to participate.

Projects that I had been brainstorming for the coop would be making handmade zines and ebooks, foraging workshops, cheap donation based underground cafe and well as maybe renting spaces for fancy raw food meals. Doing benefits for animal and earth rights prisoners and hosting talking events about GMO issues, etc. Also we can order food in bulk and share the wealth and discounts.

This is not about making money, so it need not be a full time job for anyone.We also really need someone who can make a website or blog page. Decisions in the group will be made on consensus basis not majority rule. Profits made by the coop will be distributed to those in the coop who express the most need at a particular time as well as putting them into future projects. All interested can email me at circleakitchen(at)yahoo.com.
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