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Stealing campaign contact lists for your own gain?

Local Washington State congressional candidate uses Ron Paul campaign contact lists for own gain.
Delavar - Never heard of the guy and sick of him already!

At one time, many months ago, I signed up to be contacted on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign, at the Ron Paul website (ronpaul2008.com), because I was truly interested in Dr. Paul as a candidate. Everything was happy until April of 08, when I receive my first rally solicitation on behalf of a Mr. Michael Delavar (delavarforcongress.com) - who is apparently running for the 3rd district congressional seat in Washington state.

Who? Right. How on earth did I obtain the pleasure of receiving spam on behalf of some guy that I have never heard of? Well, funny enough it's because I signed up to receive Ron Paul notices via email. It turns out, Mr. Delavar's wife, Katja Delavar, was hired to be the field coordinator on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign for this area of Washington State. Apparently, as she describes, my email address somehow just "ended up" in her contacts list because she had to send out Ron Paul emails to each of the persons who signed up through the website.

"I am the field coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign. A long time ago, you
may have been signed in on the Ron Paul website and there is a possibility
that you were looking into him or something. Therefore, when you entered
your email address, you were put on a mass database. You may have even
received an email or letter from the campaign.
So, you entered your email address somewhere into the Ron Paul world, I was
hired, they gave me the information for the region, I had to contact
everyone, then you ended up in my contact list." - 4/7/08

One email would be ok. Two is frustrating. But yet, here we are at the third request to be removed from Mr. Delavar's campaign list. Mrs. Delavar made it clear last time that she had removed me from the list, but wasn't "too sure" because she's not so "computer savvy."

"I am sorry about the inconvenience and upset I have caused you. You are
removed now, and hopefully I didn't miss anything. I am not too computer
savvy to catch everything." - 4/7/08

Now can I ask, how stupid do you think I am? It would be a true measure of incompetence to hire a person as a field coordinator, in charge of thousands of contacts to organize and send information to, that wouldn't be too computer savvy.

Is this third times the charm? We'll see. If you find this of interest, or have a similar story, please don't hold back. This is ridiculous.

Sam Adams too 20.May.2008 15:05


I keep getting emails from Sam Adams campaign. How did they even get my email? Now I am racking my brain because I don't remember signing on to getting emails from anyone running for anything......annoying!