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Dennis McNett at The Life Gallery

Press Release for Opening
Dennis McNett drives a steam roller over his large scale woodcuts in his impromptu studio-the streets of Brooklyn. McNett is bringing these prints of wolves, crows, and growing up punk rock to The Life Gallery for a show opening on June 5th. (he'll be driving his own car, not a steamroller on the trip here)

McNett was recently covered in The New York Times for his participation in the Deitch Projects street parade and was featured in the April 2007 issue of Juxtapoz magazine. McNett is an artist who is quickly gaining recognition for his technique and his sensibility. In an interview in Living Occupation he says, "I have always been attracted to the raw, direct quality of German Expressionist prints, above all the woodcuts...Like the German Expressionist, Punks let me know it is okay to be pissed off, to be emotional and passionate. They also made it clear that it is okay to express that through my artwork." Mr.McNett was a printer at Brand-X Editions for four years where he worked on Chuck Close serigraph prints and has taught printmaking at Pratt Institute since 2004.

Dennis McNett @ The Life Gallery
Opening June 5th, 6:30 pm
625 NW Everett #107
Portland, Oregon

Open First Thursday and Saturdays through June 28th, 1-5 pm
Curators Tessie Word and Damon Ayers