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“Toxic Trader” Production Premiers Outside Sen. Smith’s Portland Office

The street theater production is designed to hold U.S. senators and congressmen accountable for facilitating unsafe imports that also cost American workers their jobs when manufacturing is shipped overseas.
United Steelworkers present primary election day premier production of "The Toxic Trader," outside district office of Sen. Gordon Smith, an advocate of Free Trade deals. In addition, an added attraction, just for this special production will be an oversized ballot box for voting on Sen. Smith.

The USW street theater production, The Toxic Trader" features three Toxic Avengers" fending off a gigantic "Toxic Trader," puppet constructed by world famous puppeteer Tavia La Follette. The play illustrates the devastating downsides of free trade agreements supported by Sen. Smith, including the importation of millions of toxic toys containing poisonous levels of lead and the exportation of millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs - including 22,600 from Oregon over the past seven years.

Tuesday, May 20 at noon.

One World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon St., Portland, outside the office of Sen. Smith.

After Tuesday's premier, the production will travel the country, performing at the offices of other lawmakers who have backed free trade agreements instead of working for fair trade, which requires protection for the environment and ensures that workers are protected at the very least by their own country's labor laws and standards.

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