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Cascadia Guerrilla Gardening Brigade (PLANT OR PERISH!)

A new guerrilla gardening brigade has been formed to help coordinate guerrilla gardening activities and tactics across cascadia.
The Cascadia Guerrilla Gardening Brigade works to create botanical insurrection wherever possible.
Currently based in a super secret poppin' garden somewhere in Olympia WA we seek to link up with other clandestine gardeners across Cascadia (PDX, OLY, SEA, VAN). We promote permaculture and biological diversity in a number of clever and reproducible forms. PLANT OR PERISH!

If you would like to be involved email  cascadiaggb@gmail.com

Cascadia Guerrilla Gardening Brigade --- www.cascadiaggb.blogspot.com
Guerrilla Gardening Research Lab --- www.ggrl.blogspot.com (please contribute!)

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaggb.blogspot.com