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May Maybe Possibly

Unfortunately our world in presently in the grasp of the insane bankers and corporations. For they never tell the truth and are on an insane mission of their own, and they need to continually deceive us so that they will not have to look at themselves and can continue on their delusional path.
May, Maybe, Possibly
By Daniel J Towsey


I do allot of research and reading of non corporate items in search of truth, so that all the clever lies and deceptions can be clearly revealed.

But I have encountered a phenomenon. It seems that most will written and authoritative sounding articles I read. That are supposed to be conveying the hidden truth, are filled with words like;

May, Maybe, Possibly, etc. As soon as I see the repeated use of these, not sure, not positive, maybes.

I have to stop reading and continue my search for other positive and factual articles of truth to read.

Many good articles that I read, have so many maybes, that I have to wonder, just what is up with all this uncertainty?

Is it that our society has gone so far from placing truth above all else. That now people who should not be using maybes, are afraid of the truth or are so conditioned by the corporate criminal's overwhelming influence on what people perceive to be the truth, that they are afraid to assert the truth as they have discovered it to be.

Afterall, there is a battle on for our very freedoms and any writer that wants to participate in the distribution of truth and knowledge had better learn to eliminate these "maybes" from their vocabulary, Or they had better just stop writing altogether.

For they are doing a disservice to all those of us who are trying so hard to unravel the centuries of organized psychological propaganda conditioning that is destroying or civilizations.

I suggest that if you want to convey the truth and are not sure what it is, that you either do allot more research and searching for the truth. And when you are sure of what it is, then you can write your article.

But if you are unsure then don't write anything or at minimum, quote others you believe are correct and expand on there thoughts. If you feel you have something important to add.

But always give credit where its due and make sure you provide a link or info as to the source of your info, unless you feel that it will jeopardize their individual security.

After-all we all want to be free, and we can not be free without the knowledge of truth.

Only with truth we can have a civilized natural existence. For the further we get from truth the more barbaric our civilization will be, which appears to be the NWO's agenda.

Please remember that the absence of truth is a recipe for insanity.

Unfortunately our world in presently in the grasp of the insane bankers and corporations. For they never tell the truth and are on an insane mission of their own, and they need to continually deceive us so that they will not have to look at themselves and can continue on their delusional path.

For they do not want to be on equal ground with us. For if they were, that would make them vulnerable human beings like the rest of us. And they would have to face their equal peers.

The lack of truth in media and the history lies were told is disarming us and is deliberately dumbing down the masses. As will as destroying our unique cultures.For without truthful knowledge we can not protect ourselves.

The situation has become so bad that most people no longer have any idea that they are missing a very important piece of moral fiber.

The present NWO agenda that is psycologically conditioning our children in school ,so that by the time they complete school. They feel so good about themselves and have been repeatedly gratified by effort and not achievement.

That they are perfect little androids that will question nothing and absolutely trust everything that their NWO mind controllers tell them, be it through any form of corporate media.
The result is that when their parents or elders try to tell anything or tell them of their short comings in character, they instantly rebel and block you out. Resulting in complete disrespect for their, heritage, culture, parents and elders.

This is due to their abundance of arrogant undeserved self confidence that they received through the psychological conditioning in school. Where they have been continually praised for effort and not true character developing achievements.

They absolutely can not be reached. They have no concept of confidence gained from actually doing something that was very hard and doing it very will. This especially includes doing any introspection.


Their are many children that are superiorly intelligent free spirits that the NWO controllers see as a serious threat.

These children are usually the ones that are restless, easily bored, or rebel against the system, for they naturally do not like to be psychologically controlled.

Due to their youth and that they have no understanding of this unnatural environment they find themselves in and that also most parents have also no idea as to what is the problem.

And lets not forget that most parents have also been psychologically conditioned to believe and trust everything the controllers [government] say.

Instead of these strong naturally free minded future leaders being properly nourished with knowledge, they are psychologically labeled as ADD etc.

Are given mandatory psychological screening and then are destroyed by very powerful drugs, That in most cases the parents can not refuse, or they will be threatened with many things, Such as losing their children, jail etc.

Many other children fall into another category where as they mature and their minds strengthen, They to start having allot of problems with this psychological mind control and turn to drugs, crime, pornography and eventually fall out of school.

They end up having a terrible life.

The net result is that we will end up with a communist psychologically controlled society. Just like in China. Where everyone is the same and individuality and uniqueness will go extinct.

Just like all other unique living things are disappearing. Wildlife, Nature, etc,

And these insane NWO controllers are actually the cause of all the worlds problems.

And now they think they are superior and that they have the answer by their UN Secret Eugenics Program to depopulate the world. The program is called CODEX Alimentarious.

Please read my "Are you ready for the truth" to better understand how the privately and secretly controlled Federal Reserve is responsible for the destruction of all that is true and natural.

I hope that this article has enlightened you and that you will join "The Truth Revolution" by being "A Truth Soldier"

Our future depends on it.

Or we will face The End

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