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Let Live Conference Update

Here's the first email to our list, if you're not on it, sign up here:  http://nocompromise.org/mailman/listinfo/letlivegossip_nocompromise.org
Alright, here it is folks... our first installment of insider gossip and
ravings from the Let Live crew!

First off, if you haven't already registered for the conference.. what's
holding ya up?? Get in gear and get to it! It'll help us a lot in the planning stage.
You can paypal us your $10 from our website:


It ain't hard.

And once you've done that be sure to make your travel plans. We've got a
few options available for ya'll when it comes to places to stay:

* Snag a room in the snazzy campus hotel - Univirsity Place for
$89/night double occupancy. It's within walking distance of the
conference venue and has free parking. To reserve your room, call the
hotel at 503-221-0140, and say "I'm coming to PSU for the PSU Let Live
Conference." University Place is at 310 SW Lincoln St. in Portland.

* For a mere $50/night you can stay at the Broadway Building on the
PSU campus. European style rooms with single beds, private bathrooms
and kitchens. This is a green building with rain water harvesting, low
energy usage, and recycled materials design. The room offers free
wireless access, fans, coffee pots, phones, alarm clocks and linens
(bedding and towels), but be warned we're talking a single bed here.
To reserve call 503-725-4336 and let them know you're coming with "The
Vegan Conference."

* If you want to try to snag a decent local hotel room on the cheap
you can try priceline. You probably won't get a room that's very near
the conference though.

* Not into spending money on a place to stay and just want a floor or
couch to crash on? Hook up with local folks on our new message board:
 http://foodfightgrocery.com/letliveconference You can also get tips
on getting around Portland and all sorts of stuff here so check it

Alright, now on to the latest news! I'm sure you've already seen our
preliminary list of speakers but now there are even more. Check it out!

* lauren Ornelas (Food Empowerment Project)
* Will Potter (GreenIsTheNewRed.com)
* Shannon Keith (Behind the Mask / Uncaged Films)
* Matt Rossell (In Defense of Animals)
* Peter Young (former animal liberation prisoner)
* Andrea Lindsay (SHAC7, No Compromise)
* Isa Chandra Moskowitz (The Post Punk Kitchen)
* Pulin Modi (PETA2)
* Mark Hawthorne (Striking at the Roots)
* Elaine Close (CAAT)
* David Hayden (No Compromise)
* Jami Pannell (National Center for Animal Law)
* Jeremy Beckham (Utah Primate Freedom)
* Che Green (Humane Research Council)
* Courtney Dilliard (Four Feed Forward)
* Nick Atwood (Biteback Magazine)
* J Johnson (Chicago Animal Defense League)
* Karen Hixson (Connect)
* Jenna Goldin (Connect)
* Nik Hensey (No Compromise)
* Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center)

Exhibitors will also be on hand to help get you plugged in to activism
locally, and provide you with all sorts of vegan goodies. Those with
tables will include:
* Sweet Pea Baking Company
* Food Fight Grocery
* Blossoming Lotus Restaurant
* Scapegoat Tattoo
* Biteback Magazine
* Herbivore Magazine
* No Compromise
* In Defense of Animals
* Farm Sanctuary
* Vegan Outreach
* Food Empowerment Project
* Vegans for Animal Advocacy
* The Portland Animal Defense League
* Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing (CAAT)
* Civil Liberties Defense Center
* Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary
* Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary
* Student Animal Legal Defense Fund of Lewis & Clark Law School

We're all really excited about the conference and looking forward to
seeing ya'll there some come on out and let's get active for the animals!

Let Live

Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference
1217 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214

homepage: homepage: http://www.letliveconference.org