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<video> Update 5-17-08 From Homeless Protesters Sending Call Out for Protest Monday 8am

Here is an update that I videotaped from the Park on 3rd street on Saturday evening regarding the still in progress "protest to repeal the no-camping and sit-lie laws"
Solidarity - Call For Action
Solidarity - Call For Action
Here is an YouTube video Update from a few of the protesters on Saturday evening

They are letting the community know of the Monday morning City Hall Protest starting at 8:00 am

Support and Solidarity is still needed

Numerous homeless advocates have been arrested over this push for human rights and dignity

The Update 5-17-08 video is here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Any Statistics of Number of Arrests so far ? 18.May.2008 19:05

Wondering what the toll is

Don't know the total number but I am guessing maybe close to 20 people have sustained tickets over these Draconian human rights violations that wont let people with out homes sit or sleep in their community

Anybody know the total of arrests to date from this protest?
crimes of poor-nesss
crimes of poor-nesss

does anybody know about this? 18.May.2008 22:54


somebody mentioned something to me about a march
does anybody know anything about that?

It is quite on Monday am 19.May.2008 09:52

Ben Waiting

looked mighty quite this morning
nobody in front of city hall when I went by at 9am
small group over in the park

noontime 19.May.2008 12:29

walking by

there were a dozen sign holders out front as I walked by around lunch time