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Osama: Palestinian Cause Was 'Main Factor' for 9/11

Excellent panel discussion on the Middle East airing tonight on C-SPAN 2 at 8 PM on the west coast and at 11 PM on the east coast..
Osama: Palestinian Cause Was 'Main Factor' for 9/11


Here is a tiny URL for the above one:


That excellent panel discussion about the Middle East with Chris Hedges (which includes the question/comment about Mearsheimer/Walt book - www.israellobbybook.com - in the 'Q & A') airs this Sunday (May 18th, 2008) on C-SPAN 2/Book TV:


The following will broadcast on C-SPAN 2/Book TV this weekend (see www.booktv.org) as such can be viewed via the streaming video link for C-SPAN 2 at www.c-span.org as well:

Sunday (May 18th, 2008)
9:00 AM ET (6 AM PT) 1 hr Politics
The Revolution: A Manifesto
Author: Ron Paul
11:00 PM ET (8 PM PT) 1 hr 2008 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: Contentious Ground: The Middle East (includes the question/comment about Mearsheimer/Walt book in the 'Q & A'):
Authors: Reza Aslan; Chris Hedges; Moderator: Zachary Karabell; Amy Wilentz

7:00 PM PT (4 PM PT) 1 hr, 56 min Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie
Author: Rachel Corrie

10:00 PM (7 PM PT) 59 min 2008 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: Defining American Character
Authors: Howard Fineman; Amy Goodman; Tom Hayden; Hugh Hewitt; Moderator: Jon Wiener

John McCain and the Neocons


Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives (5:49)


Ron Paul Revolt against the Neoconned Republican Party at the upcoming Convention:


Scroll down to George Washington's 'Farewell Address' at the following URL:


Ron Paul mentions the bombing of Iran (for the neocon 'war for Israel' agenda) via the youtube link at the following URL:


Here is the direct link to it:


Excellent 'Don't Bomb Iran' (for Israel) video:




homepage: homepage: http://NOMOREWARFORISRAEL.BLOGSPOT.COM

now I'm confused 18.May.2008 16:25


So was it an inside job or not?

in 2001 the main cause was to get the US out of Saudi Arabia 18.May.2008 16:53

just some dude.

Since Bin Laden was killed in 2002, whoever is releasing these messages seems to want to change the message.
I guess if the internet was around in 1960 we would be getting messages from Hitler in South America.

Ossama ha ha 18.May.2008 21:58


Sept 11 was the result of a era of blatant looting and the need for martial law to contain the outrage from it.
Ossama denied any involvement. So don't be 'confused'.
Anyway he be dead for years.
Don't be horn-swauggled by the flummery.
Of course it was an inside job. Nothing about the gov. myth of "19 savage arabs"can be proven.
Nothing. Except their cutouts were trained at secure US military bases.

the power of nightmares--BBC documentary--CIA: no such thing as Al Quada 21.May.2008 13:51

people voice

ha, ha, you still believe this bull crap.

just watch the power of nightmares. the CIA agents in the documentary will explain everything for you.

I can't believe people still believe there are middle eastern boogymen waiting for their daughter after school.