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voting reminder

Oregon primaries wrap up on Tuesday, May 20, 2008. This is a reminder to all voters to get your ballots in, and hopefully a motivator to those who typically do not vote.
To those who vote, but have not yet:

Ballots must be received by 8:00 pm Tuesday, May 20 to be counted. Postmarks don't count, so it's too late to mail your ballots in. If you want your vote to count, you'll have to deliver to one of many official drop sites.

To those Indy readers who don't usually vote:

Please do vote. I share a feeling with many Indy readers that our "leadership" has utterly failed to represent us, and that things are getting worse around the nation in spite of our putting forth lots of effort for the causes in which we believe. That having been said, I'm one of those who believes that choosing the lesser of two evils is better than sitting idly by and allowing the greater to prevail.

This primary election has several important votes for registered Democrats. Obama or Clinton? Wu or Hobbs? Novick or Merkley? Kroger or McPherson? Even for those who aren't registered Democrats (and who live in the Portland area) there are several important choices to make. What Indy reader would argue that a pro-Walmart mayor (Dozono) would be better for the little guy than a Walmart opponent (Adams)? Several of the Portland Commissioner seats are up for grabs.

If we get the right people in (and there are a few good ones), that should make our work as activists that much more effective. Please vote.

To those who follow the election results, you can watch this site starting Tuesday after the ballots are all in.

Thanks, and good night!