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3 people were arrested early on the morning of May 17th. They were charged with Interfering and "unlaw" camping. What?!

-Wesley Flowers

Early this morning, around 12:30am, 3 people were arrested in front of City Hall for violating the no camping ordinance. They were lying peacefully in the street and not resisting the orders or interfering in any way. In fact, one female camper had to be physically carried by five or six officers to the car (she had just completed an 8 hour work day, and must have been dog tired... ) They were arrested for 'Interfering with Police (IPO)' and "Unlaw" Camping. Unlaw? What is this, 1984 doublespeak? ROFL chatspeak? Come on Portland Police, it's only 3 additional letters to complete the word and make a clear determination of what, exactly, they are being charged with. Are you really that illiterate or do you just want to keep this out of the court where it belongs at this point?

These people were not interfering or resisting in any way. They were camping. They were in clear violation of Title 14A.50.020 of the Portland City Code.

Considering that there was a female individual in plain clothes who was associating with the Portland Police Bureau from the time they arrived at City Hall and refused to identify herself when asked, and was acting solely in an advisory capacity to the Police Officers, it would be a reasonable assumption that she is with the City Attorney's office or some other similar legal advisory capacity. If this is the case, then it only illustrates the cities irresponsibility and unwillingness to deal with the no camping ordinance and the sit/lie ordinance by levying charges improperly worded and/or unrelated to the laws themselves. This enforcement tactic could effectively prevent these unconstitutional ordinances from being brought before the 9th District (which has already determined similar or identical laws to be unconstitutional in a 2006 case out of San Francisco).

These numerous petitions for redress of grievances have only been met with further abuse, and unwillingness to face these pressing issues head on with the dignity, rationality, maturity and compassion which is sorely needed from our local 'leadership' to come together, work with the citizens (whom they are supposed to be serving) and bring forward equitable solutions for this local, and national crisis.

Community Dialogue...search for solutions? 17.May.2008 13:34

peaceworkerkerry peaceworkerkerry@gmail.com

To coin an old Cat Steven's song...where do the children "lay."

For anyone who has not gone down to the City Hall Camp...go there. Listen to the articulate voices of the homeless persons and their supporters.

It is challenging to walk away without seeing the sense of purpose for these committed individuals to commit to this act of civil disobedience that will hopefully end in solutions to the issues that thousands of homeless persons face daily in Portland.

For those who yell about how patriotic they are...what about the 5 thousand homeless veterans in Portland? What about the kids, families and individuals who face the daily challenge of finding a place to use a toilet, shower...or finding protection from the weather, be it hot or cold?

If you are interested in engaging in a public dialogue, with the hopes of giving individuals a voice that will be heard, please contact me at  peaceworkerkerry@gmail.com.

wordspeak / trumped charges bullshit 17.May.2008 14:31

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

there is lots of double meaning word games going on in regards to the police harassment on the protesters
the charges that I have seen that allot are getting "ARE NOT FOR SITTING OR SLEEPING" <??????>
They get ticketed for interfering with a police officer
I feel there is a sneaky court-padding way to charge these homeless protesters and in doing so they overt the "bullshit" sit-lie law that they (police/city) claim they are enforcing.

I say if they are going to <sic>arrest for the Sit Lie No Camping then do so
But as Wesley Flowers points out they charge them with other types of charges
..... there is some legal shifty bull shit going on... this is fuck you in court type of organizing by the police that is going on.... Legal Scholars should look into all these BULLSHIT charges

I wouldn't doubt "great minds in the legal department of City Hall have concocted a way to fuck these people with evasive jargon and trumped up charges" which they will see when their day in court comes.
If they violated the "<sic> Sitting-Camping" laws ...then why doesn't he tickets show that as their <sic>crime.......... I cry "BULLSHIT"

Look at all these arrest and see the charges that are mounting ..... something suspicious is going on!

Phoney Charges -
Phoney Charges -