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Bike Farm Community Grand Opening Celebration - all day today!

May 17th - 11pm-6pm
@ Bike Farm Headquarters (1303 NE Roselawn)
Contact Jennifer Collins - community[at]bikefarm[dot]org

Bike Farm plans grand opening block party

Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on April 24th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

Bike Farm is a non-profit, member-supported bike shop based in Northeast Portland. The group launched their services back in November and now they're ready to spread their wings and celebrate a successful first six months.

Since November, Bike Farm has achieved official non-profit status and has served the community through weekly "open shop" hours, maintenance classes, and educational workshops.

Jennifer Collins, Bike Farm's community outreach coordinator, says the grand opening event will be a "community block party" that will include interactive booths, food, local bands, beer, and educational workshops.
Jennifer Collins (on left) with Bike Farm
co-founders Becca Dillon (center) and Ariel Raymon.
(Photo J. Maus)

"Through this event we hope to promote bicycling as an accessible, easy to maintain, and environmentally sustainable means of transportation. Our goal is to promote Bike Farm as a vehicle for cost-effective and easy bike maintenance."

Currently located in a detached garage in the Alberta Arts neighborhood, Collins says she hopes this event helps Bike Farm find new members so they can eventually afford a move to a larger, and more permanent, location.

Poster at:  http://bikeportland.org/2008/05/09/bike-farm-grand-opening/