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worker owned raw vegan cooperative

Lets work together to make raw food something that all can enjoy, not just the super privileged.
Hi all! I'm looking for folks who want to start a radical worker owned raw food cooperative in portland, or although people from neighboring towns are welcome to participate. Projects that I had been brainstorming for the coop would be making handmade zines and ebooks, foraging workshops, cheap donation based underground cafe and well as maybe renting spaces for fancy raw food meals. Doing benefits for animal and earth rights prisoners and hosting talking events about GMO issues, etc. Also we can order food in bulk and share the wealth and discounts. I'm leaving my job in sept, and going back to school. I need people who want to help with this, but people who are doing it because they love raw food, and they want to make it accessible to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. I already host a raw food not bombs in a park once a week, where we distribute raw food for free to poor and houseless people. This is not about making money, so it need not be a full time job for anyone.We also really need someone who can make a website or blog page. Decisions in the group will be made on consensus basis not majority rule. Profits made by the coop will be distributed to those in the coop who express the most need at a particular time as well as putting them into future projects. All interested can email me at  circleakitchen@yahoo.com. Do not respond on this post to get involved! Thanks!

uh-oh 17.May.2008 18:33


y'all remember that post coupla weeks ago from the guy who was approached by the fbi about infiltrating vegan lifestyle groups in hopes of catchin' ona them nasty vegan terrorists?

i wonder...

Infiltrating Veganism... LOL 18.May.2008 00:10

Paranoia is a plague

What is it with people thinking that the most conventional things are "FBI Infiltrations"? Starting a co-op is a bout the least suspicious thing I can think of. So what, should we worry that people's and the alberta street co-op are secretive government conspiracies infiltrating the "organic" lifestyle? Geez... People need to find better things to do than be paranoid, veganism is not that interesting, nor is the FBI likely to try to "infiltrate" it.

Also, if you've ever posted on here and warned that someone who is asking for help in a perfectly legal and above ground endeavor is potentially an "infiltrator", or the like (and this statement applies directly to the above poster along with other indy-troll) do us all a favor, from now on when you come-down from huffing paint, rather than posting on indymedia with your perverse paranoia, please go to the Illuminati or Truther forums where the other brain-dead paranoia-junkies hang out.

Fear of change 18.May.2008 07:57

circleakitchen circleakitchen@yahoo.com

thank you, Paranoia is a plague. I have been faling to respond to this jack asses post because I was hoping the indy media staff would have my back, but aparantly theyre sleeping this weekend. I think it is a terible thing to suggest someone is a fed without knowing them. Accusations like that destroy movements. Many people in the PDX community know who I am and would think me one of the last people to accuse of being a fed. It makes me sad that my sincerity doesn't show through. It also makes me sad that paranoia is so rapant in people. Paronoia leads to fear, and fear leads to hate, we all know where hate leads. I am not saying this person is a cop, but often I think people who post things saying others are feds are actually cops themselves trying to prevent social organizing. Oh and p.s.
I'd also like to create more guerilla gardening groups and outdoor yoga clubs..... scary huh? I'm really infiltrating with my fed lotus butterfly power.