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Wake-up, America!

We Americans should be fed-up and angry as hell!

What has happened to us? When did we get so weak and detached?
Wake-up, America!

We should be phoning our lawmakers in the Washington and various State Capitols and demanding REAL leadership.

It's obvious by now that there is little leadership and that if we don't rise-up together, united, to find REAL leadership we're going to sink like the Titanic!

George W. Bush gave away America! He set us up to become 3rd-rate citizens and a meager nation.

Wake-up, America!

George Walker Bush has defiled our Constitution and made us weaker, as a nation, as a people.

You can either think I'm insane or you may quote me, but that man and his assembly of cohorts gave away the America we once were proud of.

His band of know-nothing, do-nothing, bumbling honchos have made our beloved America weaker and more dependent on foreign energy.

Our domestic infrastructures are corroding away, our education system is falling apart, we have fewer good-paying jobs and more home foreclosures than EVER in our nation, and all our president tells us is that "We must stay the course."

"Stay the course?" What the heck is that? We are NOT the Titanic, but we will be soon if most Americans stay asleep behind the wheel.

Wake-up, America!

Smell the Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House or any other kind of odor you want!

We still can turn the U.S. around and chart the right course. We have made a mess of Iraq and yet we're going to stay there, Bush and John McCain say, "...if it takes us 100 years!"

I say, "No we don't!" We made a mess of that nation and it's time to undo some of that mess. We've spent TRILLIONS of our American tax dollars over there WITHOUT A REAL GAMEPLAN! We've killed THOUSANDS of Iraqi and American soldiers and civilians!

What the hell kind of "stay the course" is that?

Wake-up, America!

It's time to find out who and where the REAL leaders are!

It's time to stop playing the Democrat vs. Republican power-play politics!

But we need to do it soon. We need to speak up and out to our representatives at the federal and state levels.

Pick-up the phone. Write a letter or email. Speak to your friends and neighbors. Get active and save the nation we used to know and love.

I know there are folks out there wondering what medication I haven't been taking, but I'm speaking the truth.

We have con-men in leadership roles, liars and scoundrels and thieves, and if you can't really see that then you are blind. They are Republicans, they are Democrats. They are ruining, NOT running, our nation.

Wake-up, America!

Speak-up, America!

Create positive change, America!

If you wait, it will be too late!


BTW, I highly recommend to ALL Americans former industry leader Lee Iococca's last book, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone" and if you want to read an excerpt of it, please go to:



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