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City Hall Protesters return, but then cops return also, and sweep them into park

At least 8 police officers arrive at city hall to move protesters into park, they tell them to stay in park and they won't bug them.
officers refuse to write up their "on the spot" proposal , giving protesters, police permission to stay in a city park that is closed.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwcrc.org
phone: phone: 503-295-6400
address: address: 520 N.W. 6th Avenue, Suite1035, Portland, Oregon, 97204

addendum 16.May.2008 07:27

radical media

A small group of people tried sleeping next to the Portland Building, and were swept back into the park by 2 police officers.
The rest of the night went smoothly, as the police kept their word this time, and let the people sleep in peace in the park.

People are gathering again this morning to continue the protest. If you can make it down to hang out for 15 minutes or all night, your support would be greatly appreciated.

noon time Friday update 16.May.2008 13:30

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Still protesting

Still banners and signs being carried and displayed

Still are 40- or so homeless people that are concerned "in the area"

Still hassles by the police (not now) but through-out the night <after midnight>

Still issues about sleeping and sit lie are un-resolved

Still getting people who are "talking to my camera" about the injustices and lack of concern by city
Still having cops write tickets for ... well "Not" for "sleeping or sitting"

Oh that kind of ticket might loose in court if challenged
...SOOOOOoooo the charges are all being written up as --> "INTERFERRING WITH A POLICE OFFICER"

Still <obviously> a cat and mouse "game" - By using fear and legal jack-booted-moves which are being employed by the city / police to discourage poor people from being visible in/to the public or to be seen on a public sidewalk downtown

Still a need to bring actions..... for making social change here in Portland

No Sleeping - No Sitting in Downtown Portland
No Sleeping - No Sitting in Downtown Portland