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Senate just throws out FCC ruling that would have allowed MORE media consolidation

Many of us went up to Seattle to fight the FCC, knowing all along that the deck was stacked. They wanted to hand over a huge victory to the corporate police state: They wanted to allow anyone with enough riches to take control over all of the media they want. That means, they would have been able to control what we see, hear, learn, and think. And they had the votes to override the voices of millions of citizens who opposed the plan. ...Or so they thought.

While the FCC ignored all of our voices and pushed the rule changes ahead in spite of monumental outcry, it seems we have been heard anyway. Moments ago, the Senate votes to throw out the FCC's decision.

Here is a communique from Free Press Action: Just moments ago, by a near-unanimous vote, the Senate stood up to Big Media. They voted to throw out the FCC decision to let the largest media companies swallow up even more local media. This is simply an astounding victory, and it would not have happened without the massive grassroots effort by you and thousands of others who called their senators, sent more than a quarter million letters, posted thousands of pictures and stories on StopBigMedia.com, and testified at public hearings held by the FCC.

It was your dedication that made today's Senate win possible. Today was a huge step forward, but there is still much to do. The fight against the FCC now moves to the House, where our elected representatives need to hear from us.
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