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over 20 officers, close sidewalk, move protest at city hall, claim "cleaning"

Over 20 officers close down sidewalk at city hall, claim "cleaning" as reason. Walk down sidewalk, hand out 1 page resource sheet(s) and make protesters cross street.
Police "sweep" in the name of "cleaning" sidewalk, 2 arrests reported, one confirmed by information brought to jail support office.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwcrc.org
phone: phone: (503) - 295 -6400
address: address: 520 N.W. 6th Avenue, Suite1035, Portland, Oregon, 97204

Cop's stench is choking our city 15.May.2008 08:53

disgusted (nonhouseless) local

what a clever way to kick you off City Hall grounds, eh?
the pigs are laughing at you like stupid little rats caught in their globalistically funded game.
Know the name of the game...
the Portland Business Alliance has its own private militia: PORTLAND POLICE.

let em clean it "for you" ...." then go back!" 15.May.2008 10:41

Take 5

-heck ... sounds like "maid service"

-take a "protest break"

-the message wont be sanitized but the sidewalk will be!
Off the sidewalk buddy ...
Off the sidewalk buddy ..."It Is Cleaning Time"