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12 More Mohawk Warriors Issued arrest warrents today!

Read it for yourself
Criminalizing Mohawks, Imprisoning Warriors.

From Trevor Miller to Shawn Brant
Tuesday, May 13 2008 @ 02:48 PM CDT
Contributed by: Anonymous
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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 - The KKKanadian State & It's southern counterpart AmeriKKKa are continuing to crack down on Mohawk Warriors in the wake of the armed pigs siege on Tyendinaga. The Blockades that erupted across turtle Island, from Coastal Salish Terrority (Vancouver) to HW 6 in Six Nations & Guelph to Akwesasne to Kahnawake have been removed in good faith that the uptick in stated repression & violence against Mohawks has subsided, but KKKanada has just been bidding it's time to insured that the momentum of revolt has slowed before serving out arrest warrants for 12 more Mohawk Warriors in court today. These state fear tactics & their armed thugs of hypocrisy kidnapping members of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Community is completely unacceptable. Along with these 12 new arrest warrants, the Pigs & their colonial courts have handed down more charges against Dan Doreen & the 4 other Warriors arrested Almost 3 weeks ago in a confrontation in the town of Deseronto. This is just another face of KKKanada's continual war against Indians who refuse to be assimilated & killed. Still tonight, Shawn Brant & 2 others sit in cells, stolen from their families, prisoners of an occupying force.

In Buffalo, NY on Tuesday May 6th, Trevor Miller was released on a $10,000 ransom after AmeriKKKan pigs kidnapped him well he was trying to cross into the US. The pigs are trying to charge Trevor & Albert Douglas with attempted murder among others charges for defending their land. The pigs alleged that the pair were involved in a confrontation where AmeriKKKan Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officers were attacked well trespassing on the reclamation site near Caledonia/ Six Nations. Why were these Amerikkkan pigs on the reclamation site, & what were they doing well there.

Both Trevor Miller & Albert Douglas have served time in KKKanadian concentration camps & been released after going through the full extent of the KKKanadian INjustice system. But now these Amerikkkan pigs are trying to charge them again for the same charges. If these pigs succeed , they will try to give these two warriors up to 25 years in prison for each assault count, 10 years for theft and a fine of $250,000.

These issues are the pigs attempt at undermining Indigenous sovereignty, autonomy & are an international issue. It can't be settled in their courts.

The KKKanadian & AmeriKKKan government wants to crush these communities because they are afraid of the response they will get when these Warrior's & their supporters take these issues into their own hands. We can't let these pigs push through this fascist repression & criminalization of mohawk communities without our dissent.

Should business as usual continual well our comrades are locked up?

In Solidarity.

Pigs are Cute, Cops are Not 14.May.2008 16:41


I just wanted to add in that Pigs are Cute, cop are definitly not cute. If I was a pig I definitly would not want my name to be used in a deragatory way, especially to be referred to a cop. Besides that, is there anything we can do to support Mohawk Warriors? Thank you for posting this!

Sorry 14.May.2008 19:24

Injun b

I agree with you I did not write the article just reposting it. As far as helping out just raise awareness tell others of the Mohawks fight.