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Houseless protest continues tonight 5/13

call out to all people willing to defend the rights of the members of our community.
While some protesters have left the campsite, conceding to the cities demands, others are maintaining that they will continue camping tonight. please join them in solidarity. For some, this ends when the cops come and send people to jail. For others, this has no current resolution. The sit lie ordinance has declared that members of our community are unfit to exist, and this form of fascism is not acceptable. The more people, the more momentum the movement will carry. hope to see you out there.

which organization is this? 14.May.2008 01:52


Is this the Homeless Liberation Front?

Is this the Portland Coalition Against Poverty?

Are you the radical element?

Are you the cleaned up element (no more folks who are playing games instead serious about the protest)?

Who are your allies Sisters of the Road? Street Roots?

Have you defined your goals?

1 am .... are the cops coming? 14.May.2008 01:56

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

As of 1:00am there is around 30 or so still outside city hall
and "yes"... few are sleeping
there were a few cop watch & legal observers
Corporate news ...all went home hours ago
a few protesters were plying catch with a soft nerf type ball in the courtyard in front of the building

lots of belongings still along the curb line
seen a few protesters heading off to .... "go sleep somewhere" <?>

Seen cops driving by every 5 -10 minutes
seem like more than usual but they just drive by <?>

I along with many wonder <constantly> when "are they coming"
the irony of all this is .... its hard enough trying to survive outside on the sidewalk <homeless>.... and now every few minutes one has to worry if the cops are gonna come "get you"

it is fricken sureal..... its a feeling like "you just did something wrong ...and the cops know and are gonna get you"... it is a feeling that is conjured up in the <city hall approved> realm that; "sleeping is criminal"
All which is part of the spin-off attitude that is "just being a human that has no home makes you criminal and the cops are gonna get you"
it reeks with ..."go hide" or "stay here and our men in blue" will come take you away!?

"""I""" am now "safe in my warm house for tonight" ...maybe now """I""" can stop worrying that the cops are coming.... cant say that for my fellow citizens ...who are still there.... wondering ...just like the signs I seen on many down there who were wearing them on string around their necks, which said ...
"where do I go now?"

Homeless in Portland
Homeless in Portland